5 Simple and Fast Ways to Check Your Vietinbank Account Number

There are multiple ways to perform Vietinbank account lookup such as online lookup on the app or contacting the hotline, or going to a branch. With your account number, you can perform various transactions such as money transfer, bill payments, and online shopping payments.


Every customer who has created an account at Vietinbank has their own account number. However, if you forget this information, please look up your Vietinbank account number according to the instructions below.

Learn about Vietinbank account numbers

Before exploring how to look up your Vietinbank account number, let’s learn some basic information about account numbers.

What is a Vietinbank account number?

A Vietinbank account number is a sequence of numbers provided by Vietinbank to customers when using their products and services at this bank. With the account number, you can perform transactions such as money transfers, receiving money, bill payments, shopping payments, etc. In addition, the Vietinbank account number helps the bank manage customers and handle issues that arise more easily.

How many digits does a Vietinbank account number have?

The number of digits in a Vietinbank account number depends on whether it is an old or new account. Specifically, Vietinbank accounts created before 2017 have 11 digits and 1 letter in the format 711Axxxxxxxx.

On the other hand, new Vietinbank account numbers created from February 2017 onwards have 12 digits in the format 10xxxxxxxxxx. This change is intended to apply the Core Sunshine system, which helps the bank unify card services and support customers in conducting transactions more easily, with the opportunity to experience more features.

Is a Vietinbank account number the same as a Vietinbank card number?

In fact, many customers often confuse Vietinbank account numbers with Vietinbank card numbers. These are two completely different series of characters. You can refer to the table below to understand the differences between them:


Vietinbank Account Number

Vietinbank Card Number

Received Form

Provided by Vietinbank to customers in an envelope when issuing the card.

Is a series of numbers embossed on the ATM card.

Number of Characters

Includes 11 digits (for old account numbers) or 12 digits (for new account numbers).

Includes 6 or 19 digits.


Used for money transfers, receiving money, withdrawing money, bill payments, etc.

Used to transfer money to the card number at banks using NAPAS cards and for online payments.

What should I do if I forget my Vietinbank account number?

A Vietinbank account number is also important information and remembering the account number will help customers perform transactions quickly and accurately.

However, in reality, many people do not remember their Vietinbank account number even though it is only 12 characters. If you forget, you can look up this information according to the instructions in the next section.

Where can I find my Vietinbank account number?

You can find your Vietinbank account number at:

  • The ATM card envelope received at the bank. The envelope contains information about the account number and PIN.
  • View it on the VietinBank iPay web version or app if you have registered for Vietinbank iPay.
  • View it in the SMS messages sent by the bank if you have registered for SMS Banking Vietinbank.
  • View it at the ATM.

How to quickly and easily look up your Vietinbank account number

If you also forget your Vietinbank account number, you can use the following methods to look it up.

1. Look up your Vietinbank account number on the Vietinbank iPay app

The easiest way to check your Vietinbank account number is through the Vietinbank iPay app. However, to do this, you need to download the Vietinbank iPay app to your phone and register for Vietinbank iPay Internet Banking. In addition to checking the account number, this app also provides convenience when performing transactions such as money transfers, payments, online savings, etc.

To look up your Vietinbank account number on the iPay app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the app and login to Vietinbank iPay.

Step 2: On the main interface, select Card Services.

Step 3: Select the ATM card you want to check the account number for.

Step 4: Tap on the card. Here, you can check information about the card such as the account number, balance, etc.

If you haven’t downloaded the Vietinbank iPay app, click on this download link:

  • Download link for Android phones: Here.
  • Download link for iOS phones: Here.

2. Look up your Vietinbank account number online on the website

If you do not want to download the app to your smartphone or if you are using a computer, you can use the Vietinbank iPay web version to look up your account number as follows:

Step 1: Access this address and log in to your Vietinbank iPay account.