5+ Ways to Download High-Quality SoundCloud Music for Free, Enjoy Unlimited Listening

Downloading music from SoundCloud to your phone or computer allows you to enjoy a wide range of songs from various genres. If you're not sure how to download music from SoundCloud, follow the instructions below.


When using SoundCloud, you can listen to music freely while also downloading any audio clip to your device. So how do you download SoundCloud music on your phone and computer? Can you download any song or are there limitations? Here is a detailed guide.

What is SoundCloud?

Before learning how to download music from SoundCloud, let’s take a look at some information about this platform. SoundCloud is a popular music and audio platform that allows users to upload and store audio content as well as discover new songs and podcasts.

SoundCloud was officially launched in 2008 and has been active for 15 years. During that time, the platform has served tens of millions of users worldwide for various purposes such as listening to music, listening to podcasts, uploading music, downloading music, etc. Moreover, SoundCloud also serves as a channel for connecting artists with their fans.

SoundCloud is an open platform. Typically, some streaming and audio storage services have strict terms of use, which create many barriers between users and their content. However, SoundCloud is different. They always strive to optimize and make sharing and streaming audio easier and more transparent. SoundCloud is similar to YouTube in that everyone can upload their content, and when set to public mode, others can find and listen to that content.

Not all songs on SoundCloud can be downloaded. If you want to download songs that are not allowed by the author/uploader, you will need to rely on third-party websites. This can only be done on a computer and cannot be downloaded on a mobile device.