9 Education Rules from Former President Obama to Raise Successful Children

Discover in this article how former President Obama teaches his children to become successful at Bach Hoa Xanh!


is something that every parent wants to figure out the right and effective method. Let’s discover how famous people, such as former President Obama, teach their children to become successful in the article below!

1 No pointless complaining and arguing

No pointless complaining and arguingNo pointless complaining and arguing

Parents are always the role models for their children, so if parents often argue and complain, it will directly affect their children. Family members who often complain, criticize, and blame when faced with problems will directly affect the development of children. On the contrary, harmonious families create a positive environment, helping children develop flexibility and tolerance.

2 Knowing how to help others

Knowing how to help othersKnowing how to help others

The former president conveyed important values to his two young princesses, Sasha and Malia. He encouraged them to respect, help, and live in harmony with others. When communicating with others, they won’t be arrogant but humble, helping others and maintaining harmony. He also encouraged his daughters to improve themselves by learning from those around them.

3 Taking responsibility for their mistakes

Taking responsibility for their mistakesTaking responsibility for their mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, including children. However, parents should not overlook and ignore their children’s mistakes. This educational method can make children not recognize their mistakes and think that all actions are normal. Until the situation becomes uncontrollable, educating children will become more difficult.

All children, regardless of age, need to learn how to distinguish right from wrong and take responsibility for their actions. The most basic educational method is to teach children to apologize and make amends when they make mistakes. At the same time, encourage honesty and responsibility in children from an early age.

4 Actively helping with household chores

Actively helping with household choresActively helping with household chores

Obama’s two daughters will be rewarded $5 per week if they take responsibility for helping their parents with household chores. This is not only a way for children to have pocket money but also helps them understand that all income comes from hard work.

Supporting the family in household chores also helps children understand the difficulties and hardships that parents have to face. This not only develops life skills but also helps children develop a responsible lifestyle!

5 Learning time management

Learning time managementLearning time management

Many parents feel tired because of their busy work and need to constantly monitor their children. However, this can make children rely too much on their parents. Teach children to prioritize work and use free time meaningfully from an early age, instead of just playing games.

6 Not blindly idolizing celebrities

Not blindly idolizing celebritiesNot blindly idolizing celebrities

Admiring idols is a natural psychological need of children, especially girls. Children admiring a role model needs guidance and direction from parents. If a child’s idol is a positive model, providing encouragement and inspiration, then it is good. However, it is important for parents to keep this admiration from becoming blind and pay attention to its impact on their child’s education in order to effectively support them.

7 Teaching children to be independent in their abilities

Teaching children to be independent in their abilitiesTeaching children to be independent in their abilities

Sometimes, doing everything for children because they are still young can make them feel difficult to adapt when facing the outside world beyond the safety of their parents. Being independent is one of the important skills that every child needs to master to succeed in life. Children who are capable of independence will be self-reliant and know how to manage themselves when faced with an independent life away from the family.

8 Going to bed on time

Going to bed on timeGoing to bed on time

Obama shared that under normal conditions, going to bed and waking up on time not only helps people’s moods become open, positive, and optimistic, but also plays an important role in health development. Teaching children to maintain a regular sleep schedule not only helps them develop time management skills but also contributes to their overall physical development. The balance between work and rest time also plays an important role in educating children about self-discipline.

9 Learning how to control emotions

Learning how to control emotionsLearning how to control emotions

Obama said that controlling emotions is an important quality. If you can’t control your emotions, it will not only hurt others but also hurt yourself. Therefore, teaching children how to control emotions and behaviors helps them avoid negative reactions. Encourage children to care about the emotions of others so that they can learn to live in harmony and love others!

The future development of children depends largely on education and the environment from the family. Let’s have proper and effective methods of teaching children, just like Obama.

Source: Vietnamese Women’s Electronic Newspaper.

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