A Simple Guide to Editing Messages on Messenger That You Shouldn’t Miss

Messenger has recently added a new feature to enhance the user experience - the ability to edit messages. This is definitely a highly anticipated feature that many users have been looking forward to.


You often use Messenger to chat and exchange information with friends and family, and sometimes you encounter situations where you make mistakes in your messages. Normally, to handle this, users have to write a new message to correct, explain, or retract their previous messages. But now, the Messenger app supports users to directly edit their messages, a very useful feature.

How to edit messages on Messenger

Step 1: You need to check and update the Messenger app to the latest version > Open the Messenger app.

Step 2: Access the chat thread that you want to edit > Press and hold the message that you want to edit > Choose Edit.

Step 3: You proceed to edit the content as desired > Press the green tick mark next to confirm that you have finished. The edited message will display a notification Edited at the top of the message.


  • You can only edit messages that the recipient has not seen. If the recipient has already seen the message, you cannot use this feature.
  • This feature is rolled out in batches, if you haven’t been able to edit Messenger messages, it means your account has not been updated. Please wait for a while.

Above are the steps to edit messages on Messenger that you should know to easily edit incorrect or inappropriate content instead of retracting like before. Remember to save this information for future use, wish you success.

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