Add this to the water and then water, paper flowers bloom just in time for Lunar New Year

With these special care tips for paper flowers, your home will surely have stunning paper flowers that everyone will be in awe of.


Vinegar Watering for Paper Flower Plants

For a long time, vinegar has been an essential ingredient in cooking. But very few people know that vinegar can also be used to take care of plants and keep them fresh, especially for paper flower plants.

Watering the soil with diluted vinegar solution helps increase the acidity of the soil, providing a certain amount of iron for the plants to bloom evenly, fresh, and always green.

Furthermore, vinegar also helps paper flower plants to stay fresh and maintain their freshness for a longer time. After cutting the paper flowers to put in a vase, you should mix vinegar and sugar in a 2:1 ratio and pour it into the vase. This way, the flowers will have an extended lifespan.

Instructions: Mix 150ml of vinegar with 4 liters of clean water and water the soil. Doing this 2-3 times per week will yield the best results.

In addition to watering with these “miraculous” liquids, there are a few other things to note when growing paper flower plants:

When growing paper flower plants, you should plant them in areas where they can receive as much sunlight as possible. Since these plants love the sun, if you plant them in shaded areas, their growth and development will be restricted.

Water Restriction

Water restriction means limiting watering to let the plant dry out. Paper flowers need to be water-deprived in order to focus on foliage growth rather than blooming. Therefore, you need to cut off the water supply to the paper flower plant at the right time to limit leaf growth. The water restriction period starts from the 10th of November in the lunar calendar, or earlier if the weather gets cold in the northern region, by about 15 days. To restrict water, you should stop watering the plant and cover it to prevent rainwater from entering. Additionally, you can use plastic bags to wrap around the plant and pot to maintain the appropriate temperature for the plant.

The water restriction cycle lasts for about 15-20 days and is divided into 5-day intervals: that means every 5 days, you don’t give the plant any water, and if it rains, you prevent water from falling into the pot. Then, on the 6th day, you water the plant with about 2 liters of water to help it recover, and then you cut off watering for another 5 days. Paper flowers can withstand the process of drought, and this is a necessary technique, so don’t worry about the plant dying.


Starting from around the 15th of October in the lunar calendar, you should fertilize the plant with NPK on a weekly basis. Remember, in the first 2 weeks, you should use a 1:1:1 ratio to encourage plant growth and improve foliage. In the following weeks, once the flower buds start to appear, you should use a 1:2:1 ratio to stimulate flower development. Finally, in the last 2 weeks before the Lunar New Year, which is around the time after the Full Moon in the lunar month, you should use a 1:1:2 ratio to ensure vibrant and long-lasting flowers.

Remember, paper flowers need sunlight, so you still need to place the plant in a well-lit area. Proper care is essential for the growth of paper flowers and for them to bloom beautifully. For professional gardeners, the techniques of water restriction and foliage trimming are crucial to achieving the desired flowering results.

Paper flowers bring luck, prosperity, and radiance to your home. Apply these methods to ensure that you have vibrant paper flowers for the upcoming Lunar New Year in 2024.

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