Age fits with Paper flower: Just 1 tree can attract fortune and luck

Do you know the perfect age to grow paper flowers? Let's find out.


Feng Shui Meaning of Paper Flowers

The characteristic shape of paper flowers, as analyzed above, is a climbing plant with many branches, making it look very crowded. Therefore, in feng shui, this type of plant symbolizes abundance, protection, and complete happiness. Paper flowers have many colorful flowers, so they also symbolize luck, wealth, and prosperity for families. In addition, according to folklore, paper flowers have the effect of driving away evil spirits and preventing bad luck.

Meaning in Love

Paper flowers carry simple, pure beauty and strong vitality in harsh conditions, so in love, this plant symbolizes simple, long-lasting, and sincere love.

Meaning of Paper Flower Colors

Paper flowers come in many colors, each color has its own special meaning, specifically:

Red Paper Flowers: Represents determination, strength, and the desire to rise.

Pink Paper Flowers: Symbolizes gentle, feminine beauty and a touch of sentimentality.

Purple Paper Flowers: Purple is originally the characteristic color of loyalty, so this color of paper flowers clearly symbolizes loyalty and creates a romantic and attractive beauty.

White Paper Flowers: Symbolizes purity and innocence.

In addition, you can also choose the color of paper flowers based on the destiny of the homeowner. Choose lucky colors for your destiny (for example, people with a metal destiny can choose the color of paper flowers that harmonizes with metal, such as yellow).

What age is suitable for paper flowers?

Paper flowers are suitable for people born in the Year of the Snake, the Year of the Tiger, and those with an Earth destiny. Planting paper flowers in front of the house will bring in a lot of luck, wealth, and prosperous life. When choosing paper flowers, homeowners should choose a color that is suitable for age and destiny, avoiding choosing colors that clash with their birth destiny.

How to plant and care for paper flowers

Planting techniques

Preparation before planting

Before planting, you need to prepare cuttings and planting soil for the plant to grow well and bloom early.

Preparing cuttings: You should choose branches that have been 1-2 years old, with a length of about 20cm and each segment has 2 or more buds.

Planting soil: Opt for loose soil (can mix with a little sand and husk to create a loose texture), rich in nutrients but not too moist because paper flowers are drought-resistant and can be fertilized with decomposed manure.

Planting method

Choose a cool time to plant, conducive for plant growth such as in the fall, the first two months of spring, and when the sun is less intense during the day.

Branches: Treat the root part by cutting and applying lime to prevent fungal diseases; tie a wire at the tip of the branch to retain water. Plant the cuttings deep into the soil 6-10cm, inclined at a 15-degree angle, and space them 20cm apart to allow the plants to have room for growth.

Water the plants 2-3 days a week to ensure they are cool and have enough sunlight for photosynthesis.

Care techniques

Proper watering: Paper flowers are drought-resistant, so you don’t need to water them too much to avoid flooding the plants. Only water enough to keep the soil moist.

Monitor plant growth as well as the presence of pests and diseases to take timely measures.

Paper flowers are resilient and rarely suffer from pests and diseases, but sometimes they still occur. You can handle the situation by buying plant protection drugs to spray on the plants, treating the soil, and pruning the plants regularly.

Fertilize regularly

To stimulate the flowers to bloom quickly, you should fertilize them every 2 months, providing enough nutrients for the plants to grow. You can choose fertilizers with an NPK ratio of 1:1:1 or 2:1:2 (you should not fertilize them right after planting) or use organic fertilizers or slow-release fertilizers to optimize plant growth.

Prune the paper flowers

You should prune excess branches, yellow leaves, or broken branches… The purpose of pruning paper flowers is to stimulate flowering and help the plants have a beautiful shape. Also, after the paper flowers have finished blooming, you should prune them to welcome new blooms faster. Note that paper flowers have thorns, so be careful and wear gloves to protect yourself.

Bend and shape paper flowers

Paper flowers can climb on various terrains, the branches are quite flexible and have many branches, so you can bend and shape the plants according to your preferences. Some families grow the plants on a trellis, some make columns for the plants to grow straight,…

Things to know after the flowers bloom

Paper flowers bloom most beautifully in the summer, so before that, take care of them according to the instructions above to have more and more beautiful flowers (for example, prune the plants in time to bloom in the right season,…). In addition, a way to make the plants bloom quickly is to stop watering them for about 4 days and then resume watering, allowing the paper flowers to focus on producing more axillary buds.

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