Ancestor’s advice: “3 auspicious trees, this prosperous garden, bring fortune and luck to your home this spring”

In ancient times, it was believed that the Buddha's hand tree was a fortunate plant in feng shui, bringing peace and prosperity to the household.


Winter has begun, but the air is still warm, creating favorable conditions for the development of plants, and the balcony is still vibrant with fresh green colors.

During this time, if you want to create something special for your balcony, you can still buy and plant unique pots of plants. Especially, many types of flowers show off their beauty in winter.

If you want to change the atmosphere and space, try planting fruit-bearing plants. There are many fruit-bearing plants that you can grow on your balcony.

Through the process of caring for and observing plants from flowering to fruiting, it is not only meaningful but also brings satisfaction and visual pleasure. Try experiencing this, it will be a wonderful experience.

Below is a list of 3 fruit-bearing plants that not only decorate the space but also bring delicious fruits, fragrant flowers, and positive feng shui meaning, contributing to prosperity and happiness for the family.

Plant: Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s Hand, scientifically known as “Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylis,” is a type of plant belonging to the Rutaceae family. Its English name is “Buddha’s hand.”

This plant stands out with its beautiful white flowers and pleasant fragrance. When the flowers bloom, they release a scent, forming clusters, creating a fresh and pure atmosphere.

When ripe, they turn golden and have a unique shape, resembling a golden hand hanging on a branch. The refreshing aroma of Buddha’s Hand not only brings comfort but also, according to feng shui belief, this plant has the ability to ward off evil, bring good luck and fortune to the owner, as well as bring elegance when guests visit.

Buddha’s Hand is considered a symbol of the Buddha’s hand, embracing and protecting the owner from evil forces, bringing a peaceful, lucky, and prosperous space. With its special fragrance and spiritual significance, many Vietnamese families display Buddha’s Hand on the Buddha altar and ancestors, hoping to maintain long-term protection and blessings in the family.

Besides its beauty with blooming flowers and ripe fruits, Buddha’s Hand also has medicinal value. Its roots, stem, leaves, flowers, and fruits can be used to support health. They have the effects of reducing bronchitis and asthma, as well as contributing to longevity.

Plant: Persimmon

Persimmon, an ideal choice for growing in pots, not only brings lasting beauty but is also known for its high quality of vitamin C in its fruits. When persimmon trees bloom, the captivating fragrance fills the surrounding space, creating a visual and sensory experience.

The persimmon leaves stay green all year round, creating a fresh natural scenery. When the tree starts to bloom and bear fruit, the fruits become red-orange and yellow, creating a particularly beautiful appearance. Persimmon trees laden with sweet and sour fruits, hanging long on the branches, create a vibrant artwork in the green space of the plant pot.

The persimmon landscape impresses not only with its endurance but also with its bountiful and shiny golden fruits, creating an extremely attractive form. When persimmon trees bear ripe fruits, it symbolizes warmth, abundance, luck, and longevity.

In feng shui beliefs, persimmon trees are considered symbols of good luck, luck, and goodness, representing harmony and reunion in the family. Especially during the Lunar New Year or important festivals, placing a persimmon tree in the living room not only creates a festive atmosphere but also brings harmony, happiness, and prosperity to the family.

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