Ancestral Kitchen: The Key to a Strong, Wealthy and Prosperous Family

According to the ancient art and wisdom of feng shui, the kitchen holds a vital position within a home. Therefore, ensuring good feng shui in the kitchen is crucial. So, what are the three things that need to be ensured in the kitchen?


As the saying goes, the rich look at the kitchen, while the poor pay attention to the living room, to see the importance of the kitchen. The kitchen is where wealth gathers and where the true ability of a family is best showcased. In a wealthy kitchen, you will see what food is available and how it is prepared. In a poor kitchen, you will know what you can afford to buy, what to eat, and how to arrange the kitchen. In the structure of a house, the kitchen is located in the most important position, consisting of the main room, the kitchen, and the bedroom. The kitchen is extremely important because it reflects the wealth and prosperity of the family. The kitchen is the food store, the place where health or disease is born from what we eat.

Cooking and eating are extremely important for family health. The way of cooking, the ingredients used in cooking show the wealth, preferences, and food knowledge of the homemaker.

To ensure a kitchen that is in line with feng shui principles, it is necessary to consider the placement and structure of the kitchen. However, there are three points that need special attention:

The first DON’T: A kitchen that is not cold, not neglected

A kitchen is a place for cooking for the family. That means the kitchen must have a warm fire. However, if the kitchen is cold, then it is not a real kitchen. That’s why in the past, people always kept a pile of fire in the kitchen and never let the fire go out during the New Year. Now there are many modern methods of keeping the fire, so there is no need to keep the fire as in the past. But a warm kitchen here still means that there is always a fire for cooking. A cold kitchen means that it is rarely used throughout the year.

These days, many families eat out because they are busy. However, no matter what, such families also have their downsides, and they have to “pay the price” for it. That is because even if you spend a lot of money eating out, it is not as good as having home-cooked meals. Home-cooked meals are healthy and ensure family bonds. Home-cooked meals help families gather and feel warm. A cold kitchen means a cold family with less care for each other, resulting in cold and distant relationships and instability in the family, sometimes leading to family collapse when facing difficulties.

Eating out also affects the health of the family, resulting in wasted fortune and luck. When stepping into a family, seeing a cold and empty kitchen is like seeing a family with no caring hands. The kitchen according to feng shui is Fire, it is where fortune is attracted, and a cold kitchen is a great taboo.

A stable kitchen means placing the kitchen in a position without instability, such as placing the kitchen close to the wall to show that the family relies on each other. A cold and centrally placed kitchen will prevent the gathering of energy and the loss of fortune. Therefore, no matter how busy or wealthy you are, do not depend on eating out at restaurants. Keep your kitchen warm to accumulate energy for fortune.

The second DON’T: A cluttered kitchen, plenty of rice in the rice jar

A kitchen is a space for cooking, so it is essential to ensure hygiene and food safety. Clutter signifies a lack of organization and can lead to accidents during cooking. A cluttered kitchen also easily leads to a lack of hygiene. Therefore, the kitchen loses its auspiciousness, while illnesses increase. A cluttered kitchen makes you unwilling to cook. Especially when arranging the kitchen, knives in the kitchen should not be placed haphazardly with sharp edges pointing outward, as it creates harmful energy for health and family fortune, and can cause disagreements and conflicts among family members.

Especially in the kitchen, the rice jar is extremely important. The rice jar represents the food store. Therefore, an empty rice jar is considered very unlucky in terms of feng shui. Even leaving the rice jar for a long time, leading to mold and insects, is also considered bad feng shui. Therefore, you need to arrange and clean the kitchen regularly. You should also check the rice jar in your kitchen frequently to avoid mold or running out of rice. Moreover, the rice jar is very important for feng shui, so avoid using plastic or metal containers. A rice jar made of porcelain or ceramic is the best as it ensures a good feng shui and health.

In addition to the rice jar, the kitchen should also not be lacking in items such as salt, spices, and rice. Our ancestors paid special attention to the rice jar in the kitchen. A kitchen lacking items signifies deprivation and makes it difficult to bring in good luck and wealth for the family. Therefore, even if you don’t cook often, you still need to check the kitchen utensils regularly, especially to avoid having mice, insects, or pests disturbing and destroying the food in the kitchen.

The third DON’T: Kitchen direction should not violate feng shui

When placing the kitchen in a house, it is essential to pay attention to the direction of the kitchen. A kitchen that violates feng shui is extremely unlucky and will deplete wealth. The kitchen should avoid letting the wind blow in or the sun shine in because it will increase the fire element too much, leading to family disputes. Also, from a scientific standpoint, a kitchen with that kind of orientation increases the risk of fire and accidents, endangering people’s lives. Therefore, the kitchen should not have too many windows to prevent the loss of energy and the escape of fortune, and to prevent drafts and rain from entering the kitchen easily.

The kitchen should also not face the bathroom because the bathroom has a lot of negative energy that depletes fortune. Moreover, a bathroom directly facing the kitchen will increase the risk of bacterial contamination, make the kitchen unsafe, and create an unappetizing atmosphere when eating in the kitchen.

With modern house designs now, the issue of wind blowing can easily be addressed. However, many kitchens still face the bathroom, which should be avoided.

By implementing these three DON’Ts, the kitchen will be relatively tidy and in line with feng shui. Furthermore, when arranging the kitchen, you should pay attention to avoid placing the stove near the water faucet to avoid conflicts between the water and fire elements, and avoid having too many water faucets, which can lead to loss of assets, water leakage, and loss of luck. Electric appliances in the kitchen, especially in today’s world, are many, so safety must also be taken into account…

Information is for reference and reflection purposes only

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