Avoid these 5 places when choosing the location for your bathroom to prevent financial loss

In home design, many people focus only on the living room, bedroom, and forget about the importance of the bathroom. According to Feng Shui, the placement of the bathroom has a significant impact on wealth and fortune.


Feng shui believes that the bathroom is a place that contains a lot of negative energy in the house. Therefore, if not arranged properly, this area can easily cause you to lose wealth and bring many misfortunes and illnesses.

Bathroom facing the front door

The things we see first when entering the house have a big impact on the overall impression. According to feng shui, energy will enter the house through the front door.

If you don’t want to lose luck and wealth, it’s best not to arrange the bathroom directly opposite the front door. This can create a negative energy flow and cause good things to escape.

To remedy this feng shui issue, you can use a partition screen between the bathroom and the front door. It helps create an energy barrier that contributes to balance and harmony in the living space.

Bathroom in the middle of the house

The central location of the house determines the prosperity and health of its members. Placing the bathroom here can spread negative energy and affect the flow of positive energy in the house.

This not only affects the spiritual aspect but also the luck and finances of the family. It is best not to place the bathroom in the middle of the house to ensure harmony and abundance of positive energy, thereby improving the quality of life and enhancing prosperity.

Bathroom opposite the bedroom

According to feng shui, placing the bathroom opposite the bedroom is not favorable. It can deplete financial energy and negatively affect the health of the room’s occupants.

The bathroom is a damp place. It becomes an ideal environment for bacteria and germs to thrive, increasing the risk of illness.

In this case, to remedy the situation, you should move the bed to a different direction. You can also use curtains or a screen to create a physical barrier that separates the space and prevents the spread of negative energy.

Bathroom below the staircase

The staircase, according to feng shui, is the path that leads and distributes energy throughout the living spaces in the house. Therefore, the placement of the staircase becomes important in order to maintain a healthy and balanced flow of energy.

If the bathroom is located under the staircase, it is considered an unfavorable choice according to feng shui. It not only hinders the energy flow but is also believed to lead to the rapid loss of precious elements such as luck and wealth.

To bring prosperity to the house, it is best to avoid this bathroom arrangement style.

Bathroom opposite the kitchen

The kitchen is a place for cooking as well as a symbol of warmth, togetherness, and prosperity. The kitchen reflects abundance in material aspects and also contributes to a warm atmosphere and bonding among family members.

On the other hand, the bathroom is a damp place, harboring many bacteria. If the bathroom and kitchen are placed opposite each other, it can create serious conflict according to feng shui. It not only poses a risk to the abundant and positive energy that the kitchen brings but also affects the health and financial situation of the family.

The remedy is to use curtains or partitions to separate these two spaces. This helps protect the house from negative influences on health and wealth.

The information is for reference and personal experience only.