Best iPhone Photo Apps with Date, Time, and Location Features for You

What are the best date and location photo capturing software for iPhone? Date and location specific photo capturing software is a handy tool for photography enthusiasts who want to preserve information about the photo's location. FPT Shop has compiled this article for you.


What are the best photo capture software with date and location on iPhone for you? The following post by FPT Shop will provide you with useful information about software that allows you to capture photos with specific date and location.

What are the photo capture software with date and location on iPhone?

Photo capture software with specific date (GPS) is a useful tool for users who enjoy taking photos and want to save location information. The software uses GPS to record location information and then stores it in the data of the photo.

The clear positioning feature of photo capture software allows users to accurately determine the location of the photo they took. This is extremely useful for searching or organizing photos by location. And you can organize photos by shooting location or search for photos at a specific location.

With the development of technology today, photo capture software with date and time positioning has become popular. And it is integrated into many types of photo capture applications on mobile phones and tablets. They have helped create beautiful photos while increasing the convenience and attractiveness of photo capture software.

Top 5 photo capture software with date and location on iPhone

Timestamp Camera

Timestamp Camera is a photo capture software that accurately locates the location on both iOS and Android operating systems. This software integrates the special feature of displaying time on photos and videos. Here are the outstanding features of Timestamp Camera:

  • Determine time and location information: Stamping time and location information on photos or videos will help users save important time and location information when taking photos or recording videos.
  • Multiple location options: You can easily customize the timestamps on photos or videos, including formatting text and images.

  • Diverse photo editing features: In addition to displaying location and timestamp features, Timestamp Camera also provides many photo editing features. Users can change colors, crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, effects, etc. to create beautiful photos.
  • Integration with cloud storage features: Timestamp Camera provides cloud storage features that allow users to easily store and share photos and videos anytime, anywhere.


DateStamper is photo capture software with date and location on iPhone. It helps users mark the date and time on image, video, and text files. If you are looking for photo capture software with location on iPhone and Android, this is the right choice. The notable features of DateStamper are:

  • Marking date and time on multiple files at the same time: Users can easily select multiple files at once and mark them with the same date and time.
  • Customizable marking position: Users can choose the position to mark the date and time on the image file (e.g., top left, top right, or center).
  • Customizable date and time format: Users can choose the date and time format that suits their needs.

  • Customizable font style and color for marking: Users can change the font style and color of the date and time marking to match the file’s background.
  • Marking on different file formats: This software supports marking on image file formats (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG), video formats (AVI, WMV, MPEG), and text formats (Word and PDF).

In addition, DateStamper can also remove previously marked date and time stamps on the file. This feature helps you edit files that have been marked or remove unnecessary date and time stamps from the file.

Photo Stamp Simple

Photo capture software with date and location on iPhone cannot ignore Photo Stamp Simple. This is a perfect tool for photographers and photo lovers. It allows you to insert location and time information into image files to capture the photo’s location and preserve memories of the photo.

Some outstanding features available only in Photo Stamp Simple include:

  • Insert location: The software allows you to insert the location address that is going to be photographed into the image file. This helps accurately determine the location of the photo.
  • Insert specific time: You can insert the photo’s shooting time into the image file to retain memories of the photo’s shooting time.
  • Support various image formats: The software allows users to insert location and time information into various image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and many other image formats.

  • Integration with Google Maps application: This software integrates with Google Maps to display the accurate location address of the image file.
  • Easy to use: This software has a simple, user-friendly interface.

SnapTime: Silent Stamp Camera

SnapTime: Silent Stamp Camera is photo capture software with date and location on iPhone. With the special feature of inserting specific date and location into photos. With SnapTime: Silent Stamp Camera, you can explore the following outstanding features:

  • Insert location anywhere: SnapTime allows users to choose whether to insert location information into the photo. If you want to insert, users need to enable location tracking to accurately determine the location at the time of taking the photo.
  • Format information: This software displays information such as country, address, latitude, and longitude on photos. In addition, you can customize the format of the information according to your preference.
  • Adjust resolution: Users can change the camera resolution when taking pictures with the application.
  • Adjust date and time: The software provides users with the feature to adjust date and time format according to their preference.
  • Photographing in square shape: SnapTime allows users to take square photos and edit them to a 1:1 ratio.

Shot On Stamp

Shot On Stamp is a photo capture application with a special feature that allows users to insert date, time, and device name into photos. With Shot On Stamp, you can:

  • Automatically insert date, time, and device name into photos.
  • Change the position and size of the date and time stamp on the photo.
  • Change font and color of the stamp.
  • Customize the stamp text including device name, address, and add a logo.
  • Adjust settings for image resolution, quality, and format.

By inserting date, time, and device name into the photo, it helps protect the copyright of the photo and create trust for viewers. This photo capture software with date and location is now available on both Android and iOS operating systems.


With the above post from FPT Shop, we have shared the top 5 photo capture software with date and location on iPhone. Hope you can save your photos together with date, location information.

Frequently asked questions

These applications utilize GPS technology to pinpoint your location and then stamp this information, along with the date and time, onto your photos. This data is embedded within the photo’s metadata, making it easily searchable and organizable.

These apps offer several advantages. Firstly, they provide a convenient way to document and preserve memories by capturing the precise date, time, and location of a photo. This information can be invaluable for organizing and searching through your photo library. Additionally, the location and time stamps add a layer of authenticity and context to your images, enhancing their impact and storytelling potential.

Timestamp Camera offers a range of features, including the ability to determine time and location information, multiple location options, and diverse photo editing tools. It also integrates with cloud storage, allowing easy access to your photos and videos from any device.

DateStamper is notable for its ability to mark multiple files simultaneously with the same date and time. It also offers customizable marking positions, date and time formats, font styles, and colors. Additionally, it supports various file formats, including images, videos, and text documents.

Photo Stamp Simple is designed with photographers in mind. It allows users to insert location and time information into image files, capturing the exact spot where the photo was taken. It also supports various image formats and integrates with Google Maps for accurate location addressing. Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to use.

SnapTime offers the unique ability to insert location information anywhere in the photo. It also formats the information to display country, address, latitude, and longitude. Users can adjust the camera resolution, date and time formats, and even capture square-shaped photos with a 1:1 ratio.

Shot On Stamp allows you to automatically insert the date, time, and device name onto your photos. By doing so, it provides proof of ownership and helps establish copyright. You can also customize the stamp’s position, size, font, and color to suit your preferences.
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