Busy Beauty: How to Get Glowing Skin for the New Year 2024

Do you want to have beautiful skin before the new year of 2024? Apply these simple yet effective skincare tips below to stay gorgeous even when you're busy.


The new year is coming and you want to improve your skin but don’t have much time? Don’t worry, in this article, we will share with you some simple yet effective skincare tips.

1Balance skin moisture

Balance skin moisture

Working in an air-conditioned environment for too long can cause dry, tight, and flaky skin for office workers.

At this time, and moisturizer will be two effective “helpers” to quickly balance the skin’s moisture. You can take advantage of lunch breaks to take care of your skin. Cleanse your face with a facial cleanser or use a facial mist, pat dry with a cotton pad, and then apply moisturizer.

Finally, after the skin is sufficiently moisturized, you can reapply sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

2Apply sunscreen

Apply sunscreen

UV rays and blue light are silent enemies that cause many skin problems such as aging, dark spots, and dullness.

UV rays can penetrate through glass layers, even on cloudy days, so it’s necessary to apply sunscreen with appropriate SPF every day even when working indoors.

In particular, office workers often come into contact with computer screens and phones, so blue light is also a significant harmful factor. Therefore, in addition to sunscreen, you should also use skincare products that can protect the skin from blue light.

3Pay attention to your diet

Pay attention to your diet

Restricted time makes women think of using fast food. However, these types of food often do not provide enough necessary nutrients for the body, which can have negative effects on health in the long term.

To protect your skin and health, you should limit fast food consumption and instead choose nutrient-rich foods high in omega 3 and fatty acids such as avocados and salmon. Avoid foods high in refined starch and carbohydrates such as white bread and rice.

Furthermore, you can also use supplements to ensure that your body receives all the necessary nutrients.

4Apply facial masks

Apply facial masks

Unpredictable weather can cause dry, flaky, and acne-prone skin. To protect the skin during these days, in addition to applying moisturizer daily, you should also regularly apply facial masks.

Facial masks help provide nourishment to the skin, enhance moisture, and make the skin healthier. You can take advantage of household chores, prepare breakfast, or apply masks while working.

Especially, prioritize choosing masks that contain many nutrients to balance the skin’s moisture, reduce inflammation, soothe the skin, and improve elasticity.

5Limit alcohol consumption

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcoholic beverages are essential in year-end parties, but consuming too many alcoholic beverages will have negative effects on the skin, causing dryness, dullness, acne, and premature aging.

To limit the harmful effects of alcohol, after parties, women should pay attention to their diet, supplement their bodies with beauty-enhancing foods and especially foods that help detoxify the liver.

6Manage stress and get enough sleep

Manage stress and get enough sleep

Mental health and skin directly affect each other. Stress and lack of sleep can cause acne, puffy eyes, dark circles, flakiness, dullness, lack of vitality, and premature aging.

To have healthy skin, you need to pay attention to your mental health. After stressful working hours, take time to relax, unwind, go to bed early, and get enough sleep for 8 hours a day.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find suitable skincare methods. Apply these simple yet effective skincare tips to have youthful and radiant skin.

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