Can Pregnant Women Visit New Mothers? Unraveling the Truths

Is it true that pregnant women should avoid visiting new mothers due to potential health risks for both the mother and the baby? Let's explore the validity of this claim.


Many pregnant women often worry about whether they should visit new mothers. This is because many believe that it is not good for pregnant women to visit new mothers. Is this information accurate? Let’s find out!

1Why should pregnant women avoid visiting new mothers?

According to folklore, pregnant women should not visit new mothers for the following reasons:

  • Slow-growing, hard-to-raise children: When a pregnant woman visits a new mother, both babies will be “jealous” and “steal the other’s spirit”, making it difficult to raise the unborn child and slow to grow.
  • Visiting a new mother before the baby is full-term can lead to bad luck, difficulties in business.
  • Some spiritual beliefs hold that the babies will “go out together” and lead to miscarriage, premature birth.

However, the above folklore are all word of mouth, and there is no evidence to prove that pregnant women visiting new mothers will lead to miscarriage, premature birth or difficulty in raising children.

Therefore, pregnant women can visit new mothers without worrying too much about the above issues.

Why should pregnant women avoid visiting new mothers?

2Notes when pregnant women visit new mothers

  • The hospital is a place with many potential pathogens and the new mother needs time to recover, so pregnant women can wait a few days for the new mother to return home before visiting.
  • Need to ensure clean hands and feet before entering the baby’s room.
  • Do not hold the baby arbitrarily because the pregnant woman’s body is pregnant with an unstable center of gravity and has difficulty walking.
  • Do not kiss the baby as it can spread dangerous infectious diseases.
  • Pregnant women in their last months of pregnancy should not visit new mothers due to the high risk of miscarriage.

Notes when pregnant women visit new mothers

The above are some information to answer the question of whether pregnant women should visit new mothers or not. Hopefully, the above information has answered you and helped you know how to take care of yourself and stay safe during pregnancy.


Frequently asked questions

According to folklore, there are a few reasons why pregnant women are advised against visiting new mothers. One belief is that both babies will be “jealous” and “steal each other’s spirit,” leading to difficulties in raising the unborn child and slow growth. Another superstition suggests that visiting a new mother before the baby is full-term can bring bad luck and business difficulties. Some spiritual beliefs also warn that the babies will “go out together,” increasing the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

While there is no evidence to support the folklore mentioned above, it is important for pregnant women to take certain precautions when visiting new mothers. Hospitals can be a source of potential pathogens, and new mothers need time to recover. Pregnant women should also be cautious about holding the baby due to their unstable center of gravity, and kissing the baby can spread infectious diseases. Additionally, pregnant women in their last months of pregnancy may want to avoid visits due to the increased risk of miscarriage.

Pregnant women who choose to visit new mothers should wait until the new mother has returned home and ensure clean hands and feet before entering the baby’s room. It is advisable to avoid holding the baby arbitrarily due to balance issues and the risk of dropping the baby. Kissing the baby is not recommended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Pregnant women in their final months of pregnancy are also advised to refrain from visiting due to the increased risk of miscarriage.
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