Check the most accurate time on 19/2/2024, view the lunar calendar on 19/2/2024

Check the auspicious and inauspicious hours on February 19, 2024, view the lunar calendar on February 19, 2024 to find out the auspicious hours, inauspicious hours, and the best hours for traveling on that day.


See the lunar calendar on February 19, 2024 – See good and bad times on February 19, 2024

Monday, February 19, 2024, which is the 10th day of the lunar month, the day of Quy Suu, the month of Binh Dan, the year of Giap Thin, belongs to the Vũ Thủy solar term.

On the Hoàng Đạo Minh Đường day. On this day, major tasks should not be implemented as they will require a lot of effort. Small tasks can still be carried out as usual.-

Ages that are compatible with the day include Tý, Tỵ, Dậu. Ages that are incompatible with the day include Đinh Tỵ, Đinh Hợi, Ất Mùi, Tân Mùi.

Departure in the Southeast meets Hỷ Thần, brings joy, luck, and convenience. Departure in the Northwest meets Tài thần, receives wealth, money. It is advisable to avoid departure in the Northeast as it is an unfavorable direction.

See good and bad times on February 19, 2024

Hoàng Đạo hours

– 03h-05h (Dần hour): Golden Treasury. Good for marriage.

– 05h-07h (Mão hour): Golden Road. Smooth in everything.

– 09h-11h (Tỵ hour): Jade Road. Good for everything, except for tasks related to mud, dirt, and kitchen. Very good for paperwork, official letters, and calligraphy.

– 15h-17h (Thân hour): Beneficent Life. Everything is good.

– 19h-21h (Tuất hour): Azure Dragon. Good for everything, leading the table in the Hoàng Đạo hours.

– 21h-23h (Hợi hour): Minh Đường. Beneficial for meeting important people and for promotion.

Hắc Đạo hours

– 23h-01h (Tý hour): Celestial Shape. Very unfavorable for disputes.

– 01h-03h (Sửu hour): Chu Tước. Avoid disputes and arguments.

– 07h-09h (Thìn hour): White Tiger. Unfavorable for everything.

– 11h-13h (Ngọ hour): Celestial Obstacle. Everything is disadvantageous.

– 13h-15h (Mùi hour): Primordial Forces. Avoid disputes, communication.

– 17h-19h (Dậu hour): Battlefield. Highly unfavorable for moving houses, building houses, funeral ceremonies.

Departure hours

11h-13h and 23h- 1h, during the Xích khẩu hour, it is common to have conflicts, bad incidents, so be careful with your words and actions. It is better to postpone your departure. Avoid curses and prevent disease transmission. Avoid activities such as meetings, politics, debates during this hour. If it is necessary to go, it is recommended to keep silent to avoid arguments and fights.

1h-3h and 13h-15h, during the Tiểu cát hour, it is very auspicious and lucky, departing at this hour often brings good fortune. Business will be profitable. Women will have good news, and those who are traveling will arrive home safely. Everything will go smoothly and harmoniously. Family members will be healthy.

3h-5h and 15h-17h, during the Tuyệt lộ hour, which is the Đại Hung hour, it is very unfavorable. Departing at this hour will bring bad luck, loss of wealth that is difficult to recover. It is not beneficial to seek fortune and things may go against your will. Lawsuits and disputes will result in losses.

5h-7h and 17h-19h, during the Đại an hour, departing at this hour is generally auspicious. Households will be peaceful. Seeking fortune in the southwest direction. Those who are departing will be peaceful.

7h-9h and 19h-21h, during the Tốc hỷ hour, departing at this hour will bring good omens, happiness, and success. Choosing the morning is better than the afternoon. If you want to seek fortune, it is recommended to depart in the southern direction. Meeting leaders, high-ranking officials, or partners during this hour will bring good luck and smoothness. Those who are traveling will bring back good news.

9h-11h and 21h-23h, during the Lưu niên hour, it is difficult to achieve success or attain fortune. Lawsuits should be postponed. Those who are traveling have not yet received any news. It is advisable to avoid arguments. Words and deeds are mediocre. Things will be slow and time-consuming, but everything will be certain.

This information is for reference and personal experience only.

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