Choose a Partner: The Importance of Confidence and Humility

The ancient ones advised their descendants to choose a spouse based on appearance. Among them, a girl who looks up or a boy who looks down belongs to an unfavorable physiognomy.


In the endless realm of folk culture, proverbs about choosing a wife and husband are constantly conveyed. One of the famous sayings is: “Choose a wife, not a woman who looks up, and marry a husband, not a man who looks down.”

Choose a wife, not a woman who looks up

Choosing a wife, not a woman who looks up, is a traditional principle that speaks to the importance of choosing a life partner with a harmonious soul and equal character. If understood literally, men should stay away from “women who look up” during their search for a life partner, referring to women who are arrogant and live with pride.

Arrogance, although a term from ancient times, still remains a typical trait of women who are not friendly, selfish, and unwilling to listen to the opinions of others. These characteristics often lead to conservatism, rigidity, and difficulty in integrating into a family environment.

This advice is not only a limitation for choosing a wife, but also an important lesson in building harmonious family relationships. In a family, men are often seen as pillars, and the harmony and understanding between spouses play a crucial role in long-term happiness. A good relationship requires understanding and a willingness to compromise, with emotions and responsibilities evenly distributed between both parties.

Therefore, when choosing a wife, a man should select a partner with a gentle nature and a willingness to cooperate, so that married life is not just his journey but also that of the entire family.

Marry a husband, not a man who looks down

In practice, the literal meaning of this statement is quite simple and conveys a long-standing idea about marital relationships. “Looking up” here represents the arrogance and excessive strength of women, while “looking down” signifies the timidity, weakness, and lack of decisiveness of men. This saying reflects concerns about marrying an arrogant woman or a man lacking decisiveness.

According to traditional views, arrogant women are often incompatible with family life because they can prioritize themselves and their personal opinions above everything else. Conversely, a man who “looks down” may be seen as weak, indecisive, and lacking confidence to face difficulties.

This proverb also reflects the belief that in a marital relationship, both parties need to be in agreement, considerate, and respectful of each other. It is believed that choosing a life partner must be someone with a harmonious nature and a willingness to cooperate in order to build a happy and stable family. This advice, although long-standing, still holds value in creating a close and enduring marital relationship.

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