Deliver your New Year’s wishes with the perfect timing by worshiping the God of Wealth today, January 10th, during the auspicious hour. Attract good fortune and money into your life.

On the day of the God of Wealth, homeowners can choose auspicious hours to perform rituals to pray for fortune and luck.


Traditionally, the 10th of January every year is considered as the day of Thanh Tai. In 2024, the day of Thanh Tai falls on Monday, February 19th, 2024 in the Gregorian calendar. This day is regarded as an important holiday for business people. Some people also believe that the 10th day of every lunar month is the day to worship Thanh Tai. However, the 10th day of the first lunar month is the most significant day of the year.

On this day, people clean their houses, set up an altar to worship Thanh Tai, and express gratitude for the blessings and prosperity of the previous year, hoping for a smooth and successful new year.

Recommended time frames for worshipping Thanh Tai on the 10th of January

Many people believe that choosing the right time to worship Thanh Tai will have an impact on wealth and success in the new year.

According to feng shui experts, the morning is the best time to worship Thanh Tai. The recommended time frames are from 9-11 am or 11 am-1 pm. Additionally, worshipping between 3-5 pm is believed to be asking Thanh Tai to witness.

On the 10th of January in the Giap Thin year of 2024, there are 3 auspicious time frames for worshipping Thanh Tai.

– From 5-7 am, the At Mao hour, the Bao Quang constellation

This time frame is illuminated by the Bao Quang star, bringing luck, wealth, and health to people. Performing important activities during this time frame helps bring tranquility and positive energy, leading to wealth and prosperity.

– From 9-11 am, the Dinh Ti hour, the Ngoc Duong constellation

This hour has auspicious energies that assist in overcoming difficulties and achieving success, bringing desired wealth and luck.

– From 3-5 pm, the Canh Than hour, the Tu Menh constellation

This auspicious time frame for worshipping Thanh Tai helps the worshipper reap success, abundance of wealth, and financial prosperity.

– From 7-9 pm, the Nham Tuat hour, the Thanh Long constellation

This time frame for worshipping Thanh Tai brings luck, successful endeavors, and productivity.

It is important to avoid worshipping too early, from 3-5 am, and too late, after 9 pm.

The altar for worshipping Thanh Tai

One can prepare either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian altar, depending on their circumstances. If preparing a non-vegetarian altar, options include roasted meat, grilled snakehead fish, sea crabs, boiled chicken, boiled shrimp, boiled eggs, etc. For a vegetarian altar, one can choose sweet cakes, vegetarian sticky rice cakes, etc.

Additionally, one should prepare a bottle of alcohol, a jar of rice, a jar of salt, 5 cups of water, a golden paper tray, a set of golden paper money, a bag of cigarettes, 2 candles, a tray of five fruits, etc.

When worshiping Thanh Tai, it is customary to offer a triple-tiered offering consisting of boiled pork (representing Earth), boiled prawns or crabs (representing Water), and boiled duck eggs (representing Heaven).

The choice of offerings can vary depending on circumstances and personal beliefs.

This information is for reference and personal experience.

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