Discover Effective and Free English Listening Apps for Home Use

Are you looking for effective English listening apps? Explore the list of top English listening apps below with FPT Shop to help you improve your listening skills effectively, stay up-to-date with real-world conversations, and boost your English listening ability confidently and quickly.


Duolingo – Free English Listening App

Duolingo is a popular English learning app that many people choose to use, including children. The app offers interactive lessons from basic to advanced, along with various learning goals such as vocabulary practice, speaking practice, and listening practice. As a result, after each lesson, you will have the opportunity to practice different skills, improve and enhance your language proficiency effectively.

Key Features

  • Cute and user-friendly interface, easy to use and learn.
  • Includes listening practice, pronunciation practice, and advanced vocabulary.
  • Offers various games interspersed with lessons to increase motivation.
  • Allows learning with friends and ranking competition.


TED is a well-known app for learning English through stories, speeches, and conferences by famous figures around the world. Most of these talk shows are highly inspiring to learners, creating a very realistic feeling as learners gain additional experiences in their respective fields or topics of interest. Therefore, learners can improve their listening skills while expanding their knowledge in various fields such as economics, education, culture, etc.

Key Features

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Compiles knowledge in various fields and topics in life.
  • Learners can listen to audio or watch videos.
  • Directly connects to Smart TV.
  • Supports Vietnamese subtitles.

ELSA Speaking

Elsa Speaking is an English listening app that emphasizes the importance of interaction with learners. The app integrates modern speech recognition technology to help learners improve their listening and pronunciation skills.

Elsa’s listening exercises are diverse in topics and difficulty levels, including interactive exercises, voice recording, and voice comparison. The app provides detailed feedback and specific suggestions, so learners can make step-by-step adjustments and become more confident in listening and speaking English. Elsa also suggests learners set practice goals by day or week to maintain language learning habits!

Key Features

  • Diverse lesson library, divided into many levels and suitable topics for different learners.
  • Provides detailed feedback and specific suggestions.
  • Maximizes pronunciation practice, voice recording, and voice comparison.
  • Presents real-life topics and situations.
  • Advanced and accurate speech recognition technology.


Cake includes concise and interesting lessons. The listening feature of the app focuses on providing diverse lessons on various topics. In addition, vocabulary and grammar are explained in detail in listening and reading comprehension exercises, enhancing learners’ note-taking and pronunciation of vocabulary.

Many learners have stated that they can practice listening to English on Cake anytime they want, and the exercises are comfortable and enjoyable to practice.

Key Features

  • Short and interesting listening lessons, suitable for children as well.
  • Diverse learning topics.
  • Provides quick feedback to learners, including the meaning of vocabulary and grammar.
  • Integrates listening and reading comprehension exercises seamlessly.
  • Allows note-taking and pronunciation of vocabulary.

BBC Learning

BBC Learning English has a reputable and high-quality collection of English listening materials. The listening feature offers concise and understandable lessons, along with rich listening and reading comprehension exercises through podcasts and accurately pronounced videos.

BBC Learning English is trusted by thousands of learners worldwide and is a powerful tool for improving listening skills and enhancing English knowledge every day.

Key Features

  • A reliable and high-quality source of materials.
  • Concise and understandable lessons.
  • Rich listening and reading comprehension topics.
  • Pronunciation podcasts and videos.


We hope that this article has helped you discover effective English listening apps. We wish you enjoyable and beneficial moments with these apps as you learn English.

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