Don’t Waste Eggshells – Here Are Countless Valuable Uses to Save You Money

Eggshells are often seen as waste, but they actually have countless uses that will surprise everyone.


When using eggs, we often throw away the eggshells without knowing that they are also a source of nutrition and many benefits for our life and health.

Eggshells are rich in calcium and can be eaten

The composition of eggshells mainly consists of calcium. According to a study published in the Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science in 2005, eggshells contain up to 97% calcium. Of course, the calcium in eggshells is inorganic calcium, so it is more difficult to absorb than organic calcium from fruits and vegetables… Eggshell powder not only rich in calcium but also contains fluorine and strontium, which are active substances that help strengthen bones. In addition, calcium in eggshells can reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Therefore, when using eggs, you can boil the eggshells to clean them, then let them dry and grind them into fine powder for drinking, adding to porridge, milk.

Eggshells for teeth whitening

Because eggshell powder is rich in calcium and fluoride, it is good for teeth, so you can grind eggshells into fine powder and mix it with baking soda, coconut oil, to use for brushing teeth, or add a little eggshell powder to toothpaste after taking toothpaste.

To use eggshell powder in this case, you need to clean the eggshells to remove any odor, dry them, and then grind them into a fine powder. Store the eggshell powder in a jar and use it gradually.

Eggshells make coffee taste better

This benefit is quite surprising to many people. It’s unusual but true. The potassium carbonate calcium content in eggshells can help reduce the acidity of coffee, making it less bitter and less sour. Moreover, reducing the acidity in coffee also makes this drink healthier. You can clean the eggshells, then grind them into fine powder and mix it into the coffee while brewing. You can add about 5g of eggshell powder to the coffee grounds. You can also sprinkle a little into instant coffee.

Using eggshells for cleaning kettles, removing yellow stains from cups and dishes

You may not have expect that eggshells can help you clean stubborn stains easier. You can crush eggshells and put them in the kettle, then add boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes to soften the residue, making it easier to clean. For cups and dishes, you can boil the eggshell in water, crush it, and then soak the cups and dishes overnight, they will become white again like new.


Eggshells for fertilizing plants and promoting flower blooming

Because eggshells are rich in nutrients, they are good for fertilizing plants. They provide calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., which help plants grow better. Moreover, eggshells decompose slowly and have a hard structure, so when mixed into the soil, they can improve soil aeration, allowing the plant roots to develop better, preventing yellowing leaves.

Eggshells are especially beneficial for rose plants. When you fertilize with eggshells, the roses will develop strong buds and bloom more, with larger, thicker petals, and a fragrant aroma throughout the year.

To use eggshells for potted plants, you can crush the eggshells and place them at the base of the plant or mix them into the soil. If the eggshells are still fresh with egg whites, it’s even better because they contain biotin, which is good for roses. If you get eggs shells from somewhere else, make sure to clean them and dry them to avoid bacterial contamination because roses are prone to diseases.


Eggshells for planting mini plants

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