Feng Shui expert reveals the secret to preventing bad luck with mirrors, a lot of people don’t know this

When it comes to placing mirrors inside the house, it is important to consider the Feng Shui perspective as they hold a high energy.


When to place mirrors in the kitchen

Mirrors are objects used to reflect and duplicate images, so they gather energy. In many cases, when the air in the kitchen is poor, hanging a mirror facing the kitchen has the effect of increasing the energy for the kitchen, helping the homeowner to have advantages in business and making a living.

At that time, it is advisable to place the mirror in reflective places such as the food storage cabinet. According to Feng Shui, this will create a sense of fullness and abundance because the food in the house is abundant, and the business is flourishing. When placed facing the dining table, the mirror can double the food on the table, thereby creating a feeling of doubled prosperity for the family.

Avoid placing mirrors facing the cooking area as it will create excessive fire energy, which is not good for the kitchen space.

When having a mirror in the kitchen, it should be placed facing the dining table to double the food and symbolize increasing wealth.

When to place mirrors in the living room

Small houses should expand the area in front of the house, which is the well-lit area, so it is recommended to place a mirror in the living room because mirrors expand space and have a very good effect. However, the mirror should be placed appropriately because in Feng Shui, mirrors are also a factor of pressure. Avoid placing oversized mirrors in the living room. If they are too large, the pressure and energy will be significant, and guests will not stay for long.

Mirrors in the living room should be placed near windows or balconies to receive natural light, both saving energy and creating depth for the house, as well as facilitating good energy circulation. Additionally, the mirror will reflect the surrounding nature, making the members of the house feel comfortable and peaceful.

Be careful when placing a mirror in the living room facing the main door.

When to place mirrors in the bedroom

The bedroom is a sensitive place when it comes to placing mirrors because they can duplicate images and symbolize the appearance of a third party. Therefore, mirrors placed in the bedroom must be very careful. Mirrors should not be placed facing the bed. Mirrors reflect energy and concentrate energy very strongly, which can affect the person sleeping on the bed. Therefore, if a mirror is needed in the bedroom, it should only be a dressing mirror and not face the bed.
Mirrors hung on the ceiling

If the house is small, mirrors can be hung on the ceiling to expand the space. If the mirror on the ceiling only shines within the scope of the dining table, without shining on the seats, it will not have a negative impact.

Mirrors are symbols of “as in the mirror, so is the energy.” If the mirror is cut and it shines on a person, the energy field of that person will be broken and, in the long run, will be affected. Therefore, do not use split mirrors.

Mirrors facing the workspace

Mirrors reflecting the workspace are convenient for women to apply makeup and admire themselves, but they are not good for Feng Shui. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid placing mirrors on the workspace because they reflect and disperse fortune and luck. Seeing oneself in the mirror while working is believed to easily distract the fortune of the homeowner.
Mirrors shining towards the door

Placing a mirror facing the main door is one of the three taboos when entering the house, called “tam bất kiến.” Because the main door is the main entrance, according to Feng Shui, it is where energy flows into the house. The prosperity or decline of the house depends on the direction of the door. The mirror helps to double the space, reflect light, and also reflect energy and gas. Therefore, a mirror facing the main door will also affect the energy flow, making the energy flow into the house weak. Some people use mirrors to guard the house, but if used improperly or too strongly, it can even have a negative effect.

The above is the sharing of feng shui expert and architect Pham Cuong about how to arrange mirrors in the house, where to place them according to Feng Shui principles. These pieces of information will help readers have a basis for reference and further research.

(*) The information in the article is for reference only.

Frequently asked questions

Mirrors in the living room can expand and brighten up the space while saving energy and creating a sense of depth. They should be placed near windows or balconies to reflect natural light and facilitate good energy circulation. However, avoid placing oversized mirrors as they can create a sense of pressure and discomfort for guests. Also, be cautious when placing a mirror facing the main door, as it can affect the energy flow into the house.

The bedroom is a sensitive area for mirror placement due to their ability to duplicate images. Mirrors should not be placed facing the bed as they can strongly concentrate energy, possibly affecting the sleeper. If a mirror is needed in the bedroom, it should be a dressing mirror placed away from the bed.

Mirrors hung on the ceiling can expand the space in a small house, but they should only shine within the dining table area and not on the seats. Avoid using split mirrors as they can disrupt a person’s energy field. Regarding the workspace, it is best to avoid placing mirrors as they can reflect and disperse fortune and luck, potentially distracting the homeowner’s fortune.

Placing a mirror facing the main door is considered one of the three taboos in Feng Shui, as it can weaken the energy flow into the house. Mirrors reflecting the workspace may be convenient for makeup but are not ideal according to Feng Shui principles as they can affect the homeowner’s fortune.
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