Feng Shui expert shares tips on creating “water element” in your home for prosperity and good fortune

The element of water in Feng Shui is highly regarded as a symbol of wealth and abundance. It is believed to represent the flow of vibrant energy and prosperity. Water is considered an essential component in creating a harmonious and prosperous environment. Its presence can attract positive opportunities and financial success. In Feng Shui, water is associated with the color blue and is often represented by water features such as fountains, ponds, or aquariums. The sound and movement of water are believed to activate the flow of Chi, or life force energy, bringing good fortune and prosperity into our lives. By incorporating water elements into our living spaces, we can enhance the overall energy and abundance in our homes and businesses.


The meaning of water in feng shui

Since ancient times, feng shui has regarded water as an important factor that brings prosperity and abundance. Continuous flowing water will create positive energy, attracting wealth, luck, and harmony into your home.

According to feng shui beliefs, a beautiful water feature in front of the house will bring in wealth and prosperity. Water symbolizes positivity and the attraction of fortune. Incorporating water elements into living spaces creates a harmonious and lucky environment.


In particular, the space in front of the house, also known as the “bright way,” refers to the space in front of the main door or gate. This space has a yang property. A bright way with water elements signifies a beautiful feng shui setting that attracts wealth, luck, and peace.

Water is associated with finances, so incorporating water elements into the home will bring favorable business opportunities and financial stability. It brings abundance and peace to the family.

Methods to incorporate water elements into living spaces

Create a fish pond in front of the house: In the past, when building a house, people used to leave an empty space in front of their house to create a fish pond, water basin, aquatic garden, or miniature waterfall. This was done to create a “bright way” with water elements in front of the house, bringing luck to the homeowners.

For companies, hotels, and restaurants, a water fountain is often placed in the front yard to create a spacious and refreshing environment, evoking positive energy. Creating a water pond with a powerful water spray represents an abundant source of resources, synonymous with wealth and motivation for individuals operating within that environment. This is known as the prosperity-generating water activity.


Create a water basin on the Prosperity Altar: However, not every space is large enough to create a waterfall, water pond, or fish pond in front of the house. In such cases, a water basin can be placed on the Prosperity Altar. The Prosperity Altar is usually located in front of the house and is a place to attract wealth and luck.

Create a mini waterfall in the living room: If the house is small and there is no Prosperity Altar, a mini waterfall can be placed in the living room. It could be a small water basin with a mini waterfall placed on a coffee table for guests.


Precautions to avoid feng shui taboos when incorporating water elements into the home

Water in feng shui can be classified as living water or dead water. Living water refers to clean and flowing water that generates wealth. Dead water refers to stagnant and dirty water, which brings in negative energy. Therefore, when incorporating water elements such as fish ponds, water basins, mini waterfalls, or water basins with floating flowers, the following should be noted:

– The water must always be clean, without dirt or moss. The pond water should be changed regularly, and the water basin with a mini waterfall should be regularly cleaned.

– If creating a waterfall, the water must always flow continuously and not be stagnant.

– Water should only be placed in front of and in the living room, and should not be placed at the back of the house. The space behind the house is considered Yin property, so water features such as water walls, waterfalls, or pools should not be arranged there. Placing water features in this area will bring in negative energy. In particular, for villas, the design of a personal swimming pool should also be considered, and it should never be placed at the back of the house.

The information provided is for reference purposes only.

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