Feng Shui Living Room: Hanging a Clock to Attract Wealth and Health

Place a feng shui clock in your living room and experience the promise of luck and good health, while inviting wealth and happiness into your space.


In the modern interior world, clocks are not just decorative items but also carry deep feng shui value. According to feng shui experts, incorrectly hanging clocks in the living room can open the door to unlucky things, creating negative effects on the family’s life.

Clocks, with their continuous ticking sound, are considered a source of energy that keeps the living space never stagnant, even in the quietest moments. For this reason, many homeowners prioritize hanging clocks in the central location of the house – the living room, to optimize both aesthetic and feng shui factors.

However, a lack of understanding of feng shui rules can lead to choosing the wrong position to hang clocks, thereby disrupting feng shui and affecting the family’s luck and health. The key lies in identifying and avoiding inauspicious areas in feng shui when hanging clocks, to ensure harmony and balance for the house.

Avoid Hanging Clocks Opposite the Main Door

In the journey to find harmony in living space, feng shui principles always play an essential role. According to feng shui experts, one of the most important rules when hanging clocks is to avoid placing them opposite the main door.

Clocks, a familiar item in every family, not only help us grasp time but also can have a significant influence on the energy flow in the house. The function of clocks in feng shui can be equivalent to mirrors, reflecting and adjusting the energy flow.

When a clock is hung right opposite the main door, it not only catches the eye of visitors but also creates a sense of time passing quickly, giving a feeling of haste and unnecessary pressure. This not only disrupts emotions but can also have negative effects on the balance and prosperity of the family.

Avoid Hanging Clocks Above the Main Door

Feng shui experts warn that hanging clocks right above windows or the main door can unintentionally create unwanted effects for homeowners.

In Eastern culture, each word carries deep meanings and can have an impact on feng shui beliefs. The Chinese word “Zhong 钟,” used to refer to clocks, has the same pronunciation as the word “zhong 终,” meaning “end.” This suggests a somewhat negative association when placing clocks in certain positions in the house.

Specifically, hanging clocks above windows or the main door can hinder the entry of positive energy, which usually flows into the house through these paths. The consequence of this can not only reduce prosperity and luck but also affect social relationships and communication of the homeowners.

Therefore, to avoid unforeseen issues and enhance luck, careful consideration should be given to the position of hanging clocks in the house. Smart choices will ensure that clocks not only fulfill their functions but also contribute to creating a harmonious and prosperous living space.

Avoid Hanging Clocks Above the Sofa

In the living room space, hanging clocks on the wall right above the sofa is often used for decoration and to cover up empty spaces. However, the continuous ticking sound of the clock can cause disturbances and negatively affect the tranquility and mindset of those who are sitting and resting, bringing no health benefits.

Feng Shui Layout for Clocks in the Living Room

From a feng shui perspective, the ideal position to place clocks in the living room is facing the East (front) and the Dragon (left) – directions considered lucky. Conversely, hanging clocks facing the White Tiger (right) and Dark Warrior (behind) is not encouraged because these directions prefer tranquility rather than the constant movement of clocks. Clocks should face outside or the balcony, avoiding facing inward to prevent the reverse flow of energy in the house.

Each living room should only hang a single clock to avoid disturbing the flow of energy, as multiple clocks can create interference, especially when they all chime, causing a discordant sound that brings unrest and anxiety to the people in the house.

Wall-mounted swinging clocks or standing clocks are recommended by feng shui experts for the living room space, with a preference for metal materials. According to folklore beliefs, the revolving nature of metal will bring stable energy, attract vitality, and regulate airflow in the house.

Information is for reference and contemplation purposes.

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Frequently asked questions

In Feng Shui, the placement of a clock in a living room or any other space is believed to impact the flow of energy and influence various aspects of life, including wealth and health. The proper placement of a clock can attract positive energy and bring harmony to the home.

The ideal spot to hang a clock is on a wall that is diagonally across from the entrance of the room. This placement ensures that the clock is visible when entering the room, symbolizing a clear view of opportunities and abundance. It also represents a welcoming gesture, inviting wealth and prosperity into the home.

Yes, in Feng Shui, the best direction to place a clock is facing the southeast. This orientation is associated with wealth and abundance, and placing a clock here is believed to attract financial opportunities and blessings.

Feng Shui principles suggest that hanging a clock in the recommended manner can promote a harmonious and balanced flow of energy, which has a positive impact on the health and well-being of the occupants. It is believed to create a calming and relaxing environment, reducing stress and promoting better physical and mental health.

While there are no specific types or designs mentioned in the text, it is important to choose a clock that is aesthetically pleasing and aligns with the overall decor of the room. Ensure the clock has a pleasant sound, as harsh or loud ticking noises can create an unsettling atmosphere.

Although the text does not specifically mention bedrooms, it is generally advised to avoid placing clocks in bedrooms, especially near the bed. This is because the constant reminder of time can create a sense of pressure and anxiety, disrupting peaceful sleep and rest.

In addition to proper clock placement, the article suggests keeping the living room clutter-free and well-lit, ensuring a smooth flow of energy. Displaying fresh flowers or plants, as well as keeping the space clean and organized, are also recommended for attracting wealth and promoting good health.