Feng Shui Master Warns: Planting These 4 Trees in Your Home Will Lead to Financial Ruin

Not all plants are suitable for planting according to feng shui principles. There are certain plants that are believed to bring in negative energy and reduce positive energy. So, what are these plants?


Planting trees in front of the house not only makes it beautiful and enhances the aesthetics of the house, but also helps purify the air, improve the living space, and bring luck to the homeowners if the right type of tree is chosen.

Homeowners need to pay attention to the following types of trees that should not be planted in front of the house.

Banyan Tree

The banyan tree is a sacred tree that is often planted at the beginning of villages, pagodas, temples to help the deities reside and govern.


On the other hand, the banyan tree also attracts negative energy, making it difficult for homeowners to achieve prosperity in their careers and lives.

Therefore, this is not a suitable type of tree to plant in front of the house. Not to mention that the banyan tree has large and deep roots, which can affect the aesthetics of the house.

Willow Tree

The willow tree is at the top of the list of trees that should not be planted in front of the house because in Chinese, “liu” sounds like “liu” which means “flow away.” According to folklore, planting a willow tree in front of the house signifies family failure and decline.

In addition, since ancient times, our ancestors often used willow trees to compare to unlucky girls.

Furthermore, in feng shui, the willow tree is one of the types of trees that carries negative energy, so planting a willow tree in front of the house can attract negative energy and bring about undesirable results. Planting a willow tree is also considered unlucky for the next generation because the willow tree does not bear flowering fruits. Usually, this type of tree is only planted in parks or by lakes to create landscapes and provide shade.

Castor Oil Plant

This is an easy-to-grow and easy-to-maintain plant, so many people like to plant it for decoration. However, folklore believes that this is a type of plant that attracts dark forces and brings misfortune to the family.

Moreover, the castor oil plant prefers to live in humid environments, and if not regularly cleaned, it will not ensure the health of oneself and the family.

Cocklebur Plant

In reality, the cocklebur plant is often used to counteract dark forces and is considered the nemesis of negative energy. So why is it included in the list of trees that should not be planted in front of the house?

Because the word “dau” in Chinese sounds like “tang,” which is often understood as mourning or tragedy. Therefore, planting cocklebur trees in front of the house symbolizes death, bad luck.

Of course, not every place has such customs, and many places may not have heard of this saying. Each region has different customs and traditions, which have created various cultural characteristics.

What to Plant in Front of the House for Good Luck

Cau Tree

Since ancient times, there has been a saying “banana after cau” which means the cau tree is suitable for planting in front of the house. The tree has an upright shape, no branches, and does not block light or wind from entering the house, but has its own unique aesthetics, making your house unique.

This is an easy-to-care-for tree that helps increase positive energy, reduce negative energy, and bring good luck.

Bamboo Trees

Bamboo trees have a tall and slender shape, suitable for planting in front of the house. This type of tree has a soft and flexible appearance, symbolizing strong vitality and unity because bamboo trees grow in clumps and thrive even in rocky places.


Bamboo trees also symbolize everlasting youth, so planting bamboo trees in front of the house will always bring good luck and ward off bad luck. They also provide a sense of peace, air purification, and remove harmful substances.

Five-Leaf Chaste Tree

The five-leaf chaste tree has the ability to absorb toxic gases and repel mosquitoes. In feng shui, it represents a long life.

Furthermore, this type of tree has interesting leaf shapes, making it suitable for planting in front of the house. If placed in a good position, it will bring luck to the family. Additionally, it will reduce air pollution, mold, and harmful chemicals.

Pomegranate Tree

The pomegranate tree symbolizes wealth, prosperity, luck, and abundance because the word “pomegranate” in the name of the tree is associated with “luck.” At the same time, the tree also represents a harmonious family, siblings’ unity due to the intertwined branches and clusters of flowers.

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