Feng Shui Master’s Advice: The Fridge is a Treasure Trove, “Forbidden” to Place These 4 Things on the Top to Avoid Wasting Wealth

In reality, when these 4 things appear in the refrigerator, they affect the luck of the homeowner. At the same time, they decrease the lifespan of the equipment and waste more electricity, so they should be kept away.


Refrigerator is one of the indispensable household appliances in every family. In Feng Shui, the refrigerator is also known as a treasure trove for every home. In fact, when these 4 things appear on the fridge, they affect the homeowner’s fortune. Moreover, they can reduce the lifespan of the device and waste more electricity, so they should be kept away.

1. Refrigerator cover cloth

Many people buy a cloth to cover the refrigerator to prevent dust, but this is a mistake. As we know, the refrigerator releases cold air into the environment inside the fridge and transfers heat to the outside environment through the condenser on the two sides of the cabinet. If a cloth is placed on the refrigerator, the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator will decrease, affecting its performance. In the long run, it can waste electricity and affect the lifespan of the device.

Not only that, but covering the top of the refrigerator with cloth also has a significant impact on Feng Shui. Specifically, these cloths are believed to create a barrier between family members, causing conflicts and making it difficult for the family to have peace and happiness. Therefore, families should consider when buying a cloth to cover the refrigerator to prevent dust. Instead, they should regularly clean them to minimize bacterial growth and ensure the health of the whole family.

2. Other electrical appliances

Young people nowadays prefer a convenient life, so they will buy a lot of small appliances. Since the kitchen area is not large, these appliances can only be placed on the refrigerator. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to have any impact, but in reality, it will greatly reduce the lifespan of the refrigerator.

Especially when placing a microwave on top of the refrigerator, the weight of the device is relatively large. During operation, it will emit electromagnetic waves, causing electromagnetic interference to the cooling system of the refrigerator, disrupting its thermostat. In addition, the microwave can also generate heat. When placed on top of the refrigerator, the heat on both sides will slowly dissipate, which can cause damage to both devices and invisibly increase the energy consumption.

3. Plants, flower vases

Many housewives like to place plants and flower vases on top of the refrigerator to decorate the living space. However, over time, you may notice that the plants gradually lose their freshness, no longer vibrant and full of life as before, and the leaves may turn yellow and wither. This is a bad sign in Feng Shui.

The reason is that the heat from the refrigerator has a certain harmful effect on plants, causing them to wither. In addition, accidentally spilling water when watering the plants can also cause certain damage to the refrigerator. Therefore, keep plants away from the refrigerator, it will be good for both.

4. Clutter on top of the refrigerator

In Feng Shui, the refrigerator is also considered a storage of food, treasures for the family because it stores food. Therefore, when there is a lot of clutter on top of the refrigerator, it will affect the wealth of the homeowner, causing financial loss.

In addition, placing clutter on top of the refrigerator will make the house lose its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it can affect the cooling process of the refrigerator and waste energy. Therefore, you should avoid stacking items on top of the refrigerator. Instead, install shelves in the kitchen to arrange and organize these items more neatly.

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