Good Luck and Prosperity: The Ancient Tradition of Carrying This Item to the Temple at the Beginning of the Year

Ancient people believed that these objects could bring luck and peace. At the beginning of the year, anyone who goes to the temple should remember to bring them along.


According to ancient wisdom, you don’t need complex feng shui items, just these two things can help you create good feng shui anytime.

The beginning of the new year is often a time when people pay attention to feng shui. According to traditional knowledge, the best feng shui comes from within the soul of each person. The luck of a person depends on their blessings, destiny, and behavior.

Therefore, according to the perspective of feng shui and physiognomy, there are many ways to apply them to life to increase blessings, but there are two things that you can take anywhere and have a high effectiveness in assisting in creating luck for you:

A new year creates feng shui in the soul, then the whole year will be good

According to traditional knowledge, the new year marks the time when people pay special attention to feng shui. According to ancient people, the best feng shui originates from within the soul. The luck of a person depends on their blessings, destiny, and behavior. Therefore, to deeply change luck, it is believed that inner temperament must be changed.

A person’s soul includes intelligence and wisdom, thoughts, actions, as well as attitude and behavior. Feng shui of the soul lies within the essence of each person, and no one can create feng shui of the soul for you other than yourself. This is extremely important because feng shui of the soul is a part of you that no one can interfere with.

A person with harmonious feng shui of the soul will shine wherever they go. A person who prepares for the new year with good feng shui of the soul will perceive everything positively and reasonably, and act intelligently. This can help resolve difficult situations and attract goodwill from others.

When a person has good feng shui of the soul, with sharp intelligence and calm and wise behavior, they can handle more difficult situations and even make places with poor feng shui better. Conversely, even with support from a feng shui master regarding house direction, auspicious hours, or good direction, if the soul of that person does not have harmonious feng shui, the value of those other factors will also be diminished.

Therefore, feng shui of the soul is the most important factor that helps you change the situation. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year, before embarking on any journey, prepare your soul with calmness and humility, and always maintain a positive and benevolent mindset. Avoid arguments and conflicts at the beginning of the year, always think about the common benefits and create conditions for the development of everyone around you. From there, you will receive beautiful things and attract the admiration of others.

Feng shui items such as silver rings/bracelets/necklaces can be carried anywhere

Unlike many other feng shui items, silver bracelets, necklaces are very convenient to carry and use. Silver is a special metal considered an effective means to avoid evil, ward off demons, and detect poisons.

In the past, silver used to be an indispensable item in family life and widely used by kings. Silver is applied in many fields from feng shui against evil spirits to health protection, health care, and beauty with jewelry.

Until today, silver is still considered a valuable piece of jewelry used to resist wind and relieve stress, expel evil spirits, and bring good luck. Unlike many other feng shui items, silver is easy to wear and flexible in use.

A silver bracelet worn on the right hand can help you feel more peaceful and avoid risks when in contact with unlucky places such as closets, hospitals, garbage dumps… Meanwhile, when you need to seek luck, success, or want to win bids, auctions…, wearing a silver bracelet on the left hand is considered a feng shui advice to attract wealth.

Therefore, when you carry these two items, you can resist misfortune and solve unfortunate situations quickly and effectively.