Growing Tiger Tongue Plants: Boosting Business Wealth and Financial Power Training

According to feng shui, individuals of this age are extremely compatible with planting the Snake Tongue plant, which helps attract wealth and good luck.


What is a Snake Plant?

A snake plant is a type of ornamental plant that is often grown in gardens and indoors to enhance the aesthetic of the space. Its scientific name is Sansevieria trifasciata, and it can grow up to about 50 – 60cm in height.

The snake plant has a flat, succulent stem that appears sharp and dangerous, but it is actually soft and does not cause injury when touched. The stem has two colors, green and yellow, running vertically from the base to the tip. When the snake plant blooms, it forms clusters that grow from the base and has round-shaped fruits.

The snake plant originated from tropical regions and has more than 70 different species, such as the tiger snake plant, Thai snake plant, and green snake plant. However, the most common species nowadays are the Thai snake plant and the tiger snake plant.

Feng Shui Meaning of Snake Plants

In feng shui, snake plants are believed to have the ability to ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and negativity in life. The upright growth of its leaves represents determination and the will to progress. The stately appearance of the stem and leaves symbolizes authority and high social status.

The flowers of the snake plant add a touch of elegance and hold great significance in feng shui. According to ancient beliefs, those who take care of a snake plant and successfully make it bloom will experience good luck throughout the year, not only in their personal lives but also in their careers and finances.

To fully harness the feng shui benefits, it is important to choose the right location for the plant. A favorable position will bring about more luck and prosperity in both work and personal life.

Which Zodiac Signs are Compatible with Snake Plants?

With such a good plant for feng shui and overall well-being, everyone would want to have it in their living space. However, for the best feng shui effects, it is recommended to choose plants that align with your zodiac sign. So, which zodiac signs are compatible with snake plants?

If you observe the leaves of the snake plant, you will notice that they are green with yellow edges, resembling sharp knife blades. These colors are suitable for individuals whose zodiac signs are Earth or Metal. Therefore, snake plants are considered to be auspicious and supportive for those with Earth and Metal zodiac signs.

The Earth and Metal zodiac signs have a dominant yellow color. With the colors of the snake plant, it is believed to supplement the feng shui elements for these signs in their lives. Snake plants can enhance their overall fortune, career success, and bring about favorable circumstances.

For those with Earth and Metal zodiac signs, it is advisable to choose a suitable size for the snake plant and place it in a South direction. In smaller to medium-sized homes, it is recommended to avoid large and dense plants, as they may block light and hinder the flow of luck.

Once you know that snake plants are compatible with Earth and Metal zodiac signs, you can refer to the following list to determine which zodiac signs are compatible with snake plants.

Individuals with Earth zodiac signs born in:

Mau Dan – 1938, 1998

Ky Mao – 1939, 1999

Binh Tuat – 1946, 2006

Dinh Hoi – 1947, 2007

Canh Ty – 1960, 2020

Tan Suu – 1961, 2021

Mau Than – 1968, 2028

Ky Dau – 1969, 2029

Binh Thin – 1976, 2036

Dinh Ty – 1977, 2037

Canh Ngo – 1990, 1930

Tan Mui – 1991, 1931

Individuals with Metal zodiac signs born in:

Canh Thin – 2000

Tan Ty – 2001

Quy Dau – 1993

Nham Than – 1992

Giap Ty – 1984, 2026

At Suu – 1985, 1925

Canh Tuat – 1970

Tan Hoi – 1971

Quy Mao – 1963, 2023

Nham Dan – 1962, 2022

At Mui – 1955, 2015

Giap Ngo – 1954, 2014

Notes for Growing Snake Plants Indoors

Lighting: Snake plants prefer warm environments and are tolerant of cooler temperatures. They thrive in indoor locations with moderate shade.

Soil: Snake plants are not picky about soil types and can survive in various types, from dry and sandy to rocky soil. However, they perform best in alkaline soil.

Watering: Snake plants do not require excessive watering as they can easily suffer from overwatering. It is important to limit the amount of water and consider the drainage capacity of the soil.

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