Handmade Christmas Headband with Cute Zinc Velvet

This Christmas, why not make a cute headband for the kids at home with your own hands! Let's see how to make it right away!


Zinc velvet is a handmade material that many people love. Today, we will introduce you to how to make a cute Christmas headband with zinc velvet for this festive season!

1Items you’ll need

  • Red, white, brown, green, and cream zinc velvet
  • Candle glue
  • Headband

2How to make a Christmas headband with zinc velvet

Step 1 Make the headband border

First, wrap the headband tightly with red zinc velvet. Then, use white zinc velvet to wrap around the headband alternately to create vein lines as shown in the picture.

Make the headband border

Step 2 Make the bow

Take a piece of green zinc velvet, create a triangle shape on both ends. Use the remaining zinc velvet strip to wrap around the two wings of the bow as shown in the picture.

Make the bow

Step 3 Decorate the bow

Wrap a red and white zinc velvet strip around a piece of zinc. Use candle glue to attach this strip to the border of the bow you just made. You can be creative and add cotton balls, snowflakes for a beautiful touch.

Decorate the bow

Step 4 Make the reindeer antlers

Use the brown zinc velvet to create the shape of deer antlers as shown in picture 1. Use another strip of brown zinc velvet to wrap around the antlers to fix them in place.

Cut 3 cream-colored zinc velvet strips about 10cm long. Fold the 3 strips in half and stick them together to form the shape of deer ears. Use a piece of brown zinc velvet to create the border for the ears.

Make the reindeer antlers

Step 5 Completion

After completing the accessories. Glue the bow in the center of the headband. Attach the two antlers on both sides and add two ears to complete.


Source: Mom’s Flower Shop

Above is how to make a cute Christmas headband with zinc velvet. Show off your skills by making a Christmas hat right away!

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