How to download Sogou Pinyin: The most popular modern Chinese input method today

Download Sogou Pinyin to support typing in Chinese, catering to the needs of learners or those working with this language. Sogou Pinyin can be used on various devices from phones, tablets to laptops. So how do you download Sogou Pinyin? FPT Shop will guide you.


Chinese is becoming increasingly popular in many places around the world. Therefore, Chinese typing apps are also being used more, especially Sogou Pinyin. In this article, FPT Shop will explore the features of Sogou Pinyin as well as how to download Sogou Pinyin.

What is Sogou Pinyin?

Firstly, let’s find out what Sogou Pinyin is. Sogou Pinyin is the first Chinese input method among modern input methods in China. This platform possesses a massive database to meet all the needs of users.

Sogou Pinyin is developed by China and can type both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, while supporting various devices with different operating systems.

Highlighted features of Sogou Pinyin

Next, FPT Shop will go through the highlighted features of Sogou Pinyin.

Supports multiple operating systems

One of the most prominent features of Sogou Pinyin is its support for multiple operating systems, from Windows, macOS to iOS, Android, Linux. Therefore, you can use it on phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, etc., for work, study, and other purposes conveniently.

Modern word recognition system

Sogou Pinyin has an intelligent word recognition system that can recognize both Chinese and English, allowing you to type 7-10 pinyin without interruption. Furthermore, Sogou Pinyin is capable of recognizing a wide range of abbreviations.

Various input methods

When downloading Sogou Pinyin, in addition to typing Chinese, the software also features voice recognition with high accuracy, up to 90%. Along with that is the handwriting input and the ability to convert images into text if you use it on your phone.

Easy to use

Sogou Pinyin has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The developer frequently updates and upgrades it to provide users with the best and most convenient experience.

How to download Sogou Pinyin for PC

To use Sogou Pinyin on your computer, follow these steps to download the software:

Step 1: Go to this website > Select the corresponding download link for your operating system, then wait for the software to be downloaded to your device.

Step 2: After the download process is complete, click on the file with the .exe extension and select Show in folder.

Next, run the file.

Step 3: Select 立即安装 (Install).

Step 4: In the next interface, uncheck all the empty boxes and then click the orange button below.

Step 5: Then, click on 下一步(N) at the bottom right of the screen to continue the installation.

Step 6: Check the empty boxes until the ✓ symbol appears, then click 下一步(N) to continue.

Step 7: Go to the font selection dialog, choose the font you want to use, and then click 下一步(N).

Step 8: Continue clicking 下一步(N).

Step 9: Finally, select 完成 (F) to complete the Sogou Pinyin software download.

How to install and use Sogou Pinyin software

After downloading Sogou Pinyin, you need to set up some settings as follows:

Activate the input method

Add the Chinese keyboard by selecting language settings on your computer and then selecting Chinese.

Typing Simplified Chinese

When typing Simplified Chinese, you just need to type without accents and spaces. Based on that, Sogou Pinyin will provide suggestions for you.

Typing Traditional Chinese

To type Traditional Chinese, simply click on the character and switch it to .

Converting speech to text

To save time, many people use the feature of converting speech to text to avoid typing. Moreover, this also helps improve speaking skills and pronunciation. To use this feature, simply click on the microphone icon and speak.


If you are learning Chinese or regularly use Chinese for work, then Sogou Pinyin will undoubtedly be an extremely useful tool. Refer to how to download Sogou Pinyin here to download and use this software.

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