How to easily and quickly view saved videos on TikTok and important things to remember when watching videos on this popular social media platform

Users can easily view saved videos on TikTok, whether they need to reference certain information or simply for entertainment on a weekend. This article will guide you on how to easily and quickly view saved videos on TikTok, as well as provide some tips for watching videos on this popular social media platform!


When you browse TikTok and love a video, you might want to save it on your device to watch later. However, many people may feel confused about how to find and replay the downloaded videos. The following article from FPT Shop will guide you on how to watch saved videos on TikTok using both Android and iOS devices, which is simple and quick.

1. Why do you need to watch saved videos on TikTok?

Unlike Zalo or Facebook, TikTok is a diverse social media platform where you can discover a variety of interesting and unique videos from different accounts every day. For many people, watching saved videos on TikTok can bring many benefits, such as:

  • Reliving special moments and important memories that you’ve saved in your account.
  • Referencing information from instructional videos, learning new skills, or reviewing knowledge you have seen.
  • Revisiting funny and interesting videos to relax and entertain after a stressful day of work.
  • Getting inspiration and ideas for creating new content for your own TikTok.

2. How to watch saved videos on TikTok

The TikTok save video feature allows users to download any video to watch later, fulfilling various purposes. To watch saved videos on TikTok, simply follow these steps:

Watch saved videos on TikTok using an Android device

If you are using an Android device, follow these instructions to check and watch videos that you have saved on TikTok:

Step 1: Firstly, connect to a 4G network and open the TikTok app. Then, download any video you want to save to your device.

Step 2: Next, access the Photos/Gallery/Library section on your phone and select the All Videos category to view the clips that you have saved from TikTok.

Watch saved videos on TikTok using an iPhone device

For iOS devices, you can perform the following steps to watch saved videos on TikTok:

Step 1: Similar to the instructions for Android, open the TikTok app and save the desired videos to your device.

Step 2: After saving the videos, tap on the Library icon on the TikTok app interface.

Here, you can find all the videos that you have saved on your device. The latest video in the Library list will be the video that you just saved from TikTok.

For iOS users, there is no need to access the Downloaded Videos section as the system will automatically save them in the main Library of the app.

Furthermore, you can also pay attention to the save icon on TikTok, as illustrated below. Sometimes, clicking on it can help you easily review the videos.

3. Notes when watching saved videos on TikTok

When watching saved videos on TikTok, you need to pay attention to some important points:

  • Distinguish between saved videos and liked videos as they are completely different. If you want to watch liked videos again, you need to apply a different method.
  • Sometimes, you may not be able to watch saved videos on TikTok because the video owner has deleted them or set them to private.
  • Be cautious of videos with sensitive content or content inappropriate for children when browsing TikTok.
  • Take the initiative to report any videos that violate TikTok’s community guidelines to create a clean and healthy environment.

4. Conclusion

Watching saved videos on TikTok is quite simple. Give it a try to watch many attractive videos according to your working, learning, or entertainment needs.

Hopefully, through this article, you have learned how to watch saved videos on TikTok using both Android and iOS devices!

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Frequently asked questions

For Android users: Connect to a 4G network, open TikTok, and download the desired video. Then, access your phone’s Gallery/Library and select the “All Videos” category to view your saved clips. For iOS devices: Open TikTok, save the video, and tap the Library icon. All saved videos will appear here, with the latest at the top. iOS automatically saves to the main Library, so there’s no need to access a separate “Downloaded Videos” section.

Saved and liked videos are different on TikTok. You’ll need a separate method for liked videos. Sometimes, videos may become unavailable if the owner deletes or privatizes them. Be cautious of sensitive content and proactively report any violations of community guidelines to maintain a healthy viewing environment.

Watching saved videos on TikTok is simple, and it offers a wealth of benefits. You can easily access and enjoy videos according to your interests and needs. Additionally, if you’re looking to enhance your TikTok experience further, FPT Shop offers a range of quality tablets at affordable prices, featuring leading brands. With a new tablet, you can comfortably browse and engage with TikTok’s vast content library.
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