How to Easily Duplicate iPhone Icons for Convenient App Cloning

Copying iPhone icons is a way to duplicate apps and maximize their benefits. You will be able to easily use different app accounts on the same phone. It can be seen that this is an extremely convenient way. So let's explore more with FPT Shop in the article below.


A helpful tip for iPhone users is to copy iPhone icons. Some users may not know that they can duplicate apps to create duplicate icons on their phone’s home screen. This tip makes it easier for you to use different app accounts on the same phone. Let’s explore more with FPT Shop in the article below.

What is copying iPhone icons?

Copying icons on iPhone by duplicating apps is the process of creating a copy of an app that is already on your iPhone. This copy of the app will have all the same features as the original but will work independently. This copying method allows you to use different features or accounts on the same app on your iPhone.

Apps that are commonly duplicated on iPhone include Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, WeChat, and others. In addition, other apps such as messaging, alarm clock, voice recorder, games, etc., can also be easily duplicated.

Copying iPhone icons through app duplication can be done by downloading the app you want to duplicate from the app store, or you can use specifically designed software to support phone app duplication.

Should you copy icons on your iPhone?

For the Android operating system, you can easily duplicate apps using the built-in features on your phone or from third-party tools.

Currently, app duplication on the Android operating system is quite popular for Samsung, OPPO, Vivo phones, etc. This feature is usually available without the need to install additional third-party software.

However, for iOS, which is the iPhone operating system, app duplication is not supported by default. The reason may be that Apple wants to ensure the security of the iOS operating system. Therefore, copying iPhone icons by duplicating apps can lead to some security risks on the device. Users need to carefully consider before proceeding.

However, iPhone users can still create duplicate app icons using third-party apps. When using support software to duplicate apps on iPhone, you need to choose the appropriate tool to ensure absolute safety for your device.

Reasons to copy icons on iPhone

Copying icons on your phone can be used for different purposes, typical reasons include:

  • You can simultaneously log into multiple different accounts on the same phone app. For example, you can log into different Facebook, Zalo, Instagram accounts, etc., on your iPhone for easier use.
  • You will organize your work and personal life scientifically by dividing apps for different purposes. Duplicating apps will help you easily distinguish between purposes.

  • You will save time logging in and out of different accounts on the same app after each use.
  • It will enhance information security by creating multiple different accounts on the same app. And you can use a secondary account instead of the main account when necessary.

How to copy icons and duplicate apps on iPhone

For iPhone, directly copying app icons cannot be done. However, you can use third-party software to quickly duplicate apps. You can refer to some of the safe and easy-to-use app duplication software that many people choose, such as Dual Space.

Dual Space – this is a completely free app that allows users to create independent app space, allowing you to run previously installed apps in parallel with new apps on the iPhone. This is like duplicating an installed app on an iPhone and being able to access both accounts on the app at the same time.

You can download the Dual Space app from the App Store and use it for free on your iPhone. With the feature of duplicating iPhone icons, users of Dual Space can easily manage and use their different accounts effectively.

Steps to duplicate apps on iPhone using Dual Space software:

  • Step 1: Download and install the Dual Space app from the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: After the installation is complete, open the Dual Space app and set a security PIN code to protect your data on your iPhone.

  • Step 3: Then, select the app you want to duplicate and use in Dual Space.
  • Step 4: The supported duplicated apps will be displayed within Dual Space. You can use these duplicate apps in parallel with the apps installed on your iPhone.

  • Step 5: You can customize the display or hide these app icons by pressing the Manage option at the bottom corner of the Dual Space interface.


Copying iPhone icons can be very useful for your work and life. However, you also need to be cautious due to potential risks. I hope this article helps you quickly duplicate apps on your iPhone.

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