How to Fix Low Volume When Connecting iPhone to Bluetooth Speaker? Quick and Effective Tips

When the iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker with low volume, it not only makes it difficult for the listener to fully appreciate the songs but also affects the mood negatively. Therefore, in this article, FPT Shop will guide you on how to fix the issue of low volume when connecting your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker, for a more amazing music experience.


Listening to music on iPhone via Bluetooth speaker is one of the ways that many people use to enjoy music today. However, in some cases, the iPhone Bluetooth speaker connection is faint but the cause is not clear. Therefore, to avoid causing discomfort to the listener when listening to music, in the following content, FPT Shop will show you how to effectively fix the problem. Let’s follow!

Introduction to Bluetooth speakers

For music lovers, Bluetooth speakers may not be a strange audio device. Thanks to the wireless connection via Bluetooth, this speaker allows users to easily transmit songs from devices such as phones, laptops, or tablets.

In addition, with a diverse design and small size, Bluetooth speakers are preferred to be placed in various locations in the house, from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, gym, or even outside the garden. With quality sound system and unique features, it is no surprise that Bluetooth speakers have become an indispensable part of modern human life.

How to deal with the issue of faint iPhone Bluetooth speaker connection

Faint iPhone Bluetooth speaker connection is a problem that many people are concerned about because it seriously affects their music listening experience. Therefore, if you also encounter a similar situation when using a Bluetooth speaker connected to your iPhone, you can apply the method of turning off the Volume Limit option, then switch to Maximum.

Typically, the iOS operating system will be equipped with the Volume Limit feature with the purpose of protecting users’ ears from sudden and excessively loud sounds. However, if you want the sound to be enhanced when played from the iPhone to the Bluetooth speaker, you can access the Settings > Select Music > Select Volume Limit >> Select Max Volume. Then, adjust the volume to the highest level to improve the sound quality.

Some questions when the iPhone Bluetooth speaker connection is faint

How to increase the volume of Bluetooth speakers on iPhone?

To increase the volume of Bluetooth speakers on iPhone, you can turn off the Volume Limit option and switch to Maximum. In addition, you can also use the volume up button on the iPhone or Bluetooth speaker to easily adjust the volume.

Reasons why the iPhone Bluetooth speaker connection is faint?

The reason why the iPhone Bluetooth speaker connection is faint may be due to the unintentional activation of the Volume Limit option on the iPhone, which limits the output volume of the Bluetooth speaker. Another reason is that your Bluetooth speaker is in power-saving mode or not compatible with the device.

How to check if the Volume Limit option is activated on iPhone?

Open phone and access the Settings > Select Music >> Select Volume Limit. If the Volume Limit option is activated, turn it off and switch to Maximum.

Why can’t the volume of the Bluetooth speaker on iPhone be increased?

There are two reasons why you can’t increase the volume of the Bluetooth speaker on the iPhone, specifically:

  • The Bluetooth speaker is not compatible with the iPhone or has not been updated with the latest software.
  • Your Bluetooth speaker is set to power-saving mode.

How to increase the volume without compromising sound quality?

When you want to increase the volume of the Bluetooth speaker on iPhone, gradually increase it to avoid compromising sound quality. In addition, you should also check if the Bluetooth speaker is placed correctly and not obstructed by other objects.

Frequently asked questions

There could be several reasons for this issue. It might be due to Bluetooth connection problems, outdated software, incorrect audio settings, or hardware issues.

Try these quick tips: ensure Bluetooth connectivity by forgetting and re-pairing the device, update your iPhone and speaker’s software, check audio settings on both devices, reset your iPhone’s settings, or try a different Bluetooth speaker to isolate the issue.

Common issues include connectivity problems, audio delays, and volume fluctuations. To fix, ensure your devices are within range, restart both devices, update Bluetooth firmware, and remove any obstacles between the devices.

Yes, on your iPhone, ensure the volume is turned up and check Sound Check is on. On your speaker, make sure the volume is adequate and no mute settings are enabled. Also, check if there are any EQ settings affecting the volume.

If you suspect hardware issues, first try cleaning the speaker’s connectors and ensuring proper connection. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further guidance or consider repairing/replacing the speaker.