How to fix the issue of iPhone apps crashing and getting exited? Step-by-step guide to resolve iPhone app crashing problem at home.

If you encounter issues with your iPhone where an app keeps crashing or abruptly closing, stay calm and find out the cause and solution. It could simply be that the app is experiencing errors, is not compatible with your device, or conflicts with other software due to multiple app usage at the same time. Let's explore together with FPT Shop!


The issue of apps crashing on phones can occur on various devices during usage, and iPhones are no exception. Many iFans have encountered the problem of iPhones exiting apps, but do not know the cause or how to resolve it. If you also have the same question, FPT Shop will provide you with answers right away!

What is the issue of iPhones exiting apps?

The issue of iPhones exiting apps or crashing suddenly is a problem that many users encounter. You can identify this issue through signs such as apps being closed abruptly, automatically exiting and bringing you back to the home screen when you just opened or used them.

This problem is not very serious but it affects the user experience, interrupting the use of apps for work, study, or entertainment. Therefore, you need to fix it right away!

Causes of iPhones exiting apps

Why do iPhones exit apps? There are several common causes for this issue:

  • The app you are using is faulty or the game has an excessive configuration, which is not compatible with the iPhone.
  • Installing and running too many apps at the same time makes the iPhone heavy, causing software conflicts and app crashes.
  • Outdated iOS operating system version that does not support the good operation of apps.

How to fix the issue of iPhones exiting apps

Based on the above causes, you can determine why your iPhone exits apps, and apply effective solutions. FPT Shop suggests some ways you can fix this issue, please refer to them!

Exit and restart the app

Instead of letting the app continue to run in the background on the iPhone, causing it to slow down, lag, consume battery power, and easily cause software conflicts, you should completely close the app and reopen it. You can swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to open the multitasking screen, continue swiping up to completely exit the app. Then, you can reopen the app to continue using it.

Update the app

Updating the app version on the App Store not only helps fix many issues but also brings you the opportunity to experience more interesting new features. Therefore, if your iPhone exits apps, try accessing the App Store, updating the app, and then continue using it to see if this issue can be resolved or not.

Restart the iPhone

Restarting the phone is a simple way to fix many basic issues, and for the issue of iPhones exiting apps, you can also use this method. Restarting the iPhone helps the device resolve software conflicts, refreshes it, and makes it operate more smoothly.

  • For iPhones with physical Home button: You press and hold both the Power button and the Home button to restart the device.
  • For iPhones with virtual Home button: You press and hold both the Side button and the Volume Up button to turn off the device, then restart it.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Some unnecessary apps, especially apps that are not compatible with the iPhone, should be uninstalled to free up memory, resolve software conflicts. From there, the iPhone will work more smoothly and not experience issues of app crashes.

Uninstalling apps on the iPhone is extremely simple. On the home screen of the phone, you just need to press and hold the app icon, then select Delete app.

Update the iOS version

How long have you not updated the operating system for your iPhone? An outdated iOS version can be the cause of apps running poorly on your phone, or even causing issues, missing out on many useful new features from the latest iOS version.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Software Update, then press Download and Install to update the latest version of the operating system for your iPhone.

Restore factory settings

If you have tried the above methods without success, you should restore the factory settings to fix the issue of iPhones exiting apps. This operation will bring the iPhone back to the state when it was first “unboxed”, which means that all important data on the device will be completely refreshed. Please back up before performing this action.

Refer to the detailed instructions here.

Frequently asked questions

There are several steps you can take to resolve this issue. First, restart your iPhone as a simple reboot can sometimes fix minor software glitches. Next, update your apps as outdated versions may have compatibility issues. Also, free up some space on your device as lack of storage can cause apps to malfunction. If the problem persists, reset your iPhone’s settings and then, as a last resort, perform a factory reset.

App crashes can be caused by a variety of factors, including software glitches, compatibility issues, lack of storage space, or even a faulty app installation. It’s often a result of the app trying to do something that the iPhone’s operating system doesn’t allow, causing the app to abruptly exit.

Frequent app crashes can be frustrating, but there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. First, check for any available updates for your iPhone’s iOS and for the apps themselves. Also, try force-quitting the problematic apps and reopening them. If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the apps, and make sure your iPhone has enough free storage space.

To minimize the chances of app crashes, it’s important to keep your iPhone’s software and apps up to date. Regularly update your iPhone’s iOS and install the latest versions of your apps. Also, manage your iPhone’s storage space efficiently and avoid filling it up completely. Additionally, be cautious when installing new apps and only download them from trusted sources.

This issue could be related to several factors. It might be due to low storage space, outdated app versions, or a problematic iOS update. Try freeing up storage space, updating your apps, and checking for any available iOS updates. If the problem persists, you may need to reset your iPhone’s settings or perform a factory reset.