How to Get Discount Codes on TikTok Shop with Just a Few Simple Steps

Perhaps the process of getting discount codes on TikTok Shop has become familiar to online shoppers. This allows customers to save on their purchases effectively. So, how can you get discount codes? Let's follow along with FPT Shop in the article below to find out more details.


Online shopping on the TikTok platform has become a popular trend. TikTok not only offers a diverse range of products, but also allows users to easily go through the shopping process, along with many attractive vouchers and discount codes to help consumers save costs. However, not everyone knows how to get discount codes on TikTok Shop and apply them successfully. Therefore, in this article, FPT Shop will guide you on how to get discount codes on TikTok in a simple and fast way.

What are discount codes on TikTok Shop?

Discount codes on TikTok Shop are special strings of characters and numbers provided by TikTok Shop, which help users receive many incentives and attractive promotions when shopping on this app. There are many different types of discount codes, such as discount codes for first orders, discount codes for specific stores, free shipping codes, and discount codes for loyal customers.

Usually, discount codes will automatically appear in the voucher section if your order meets the required conditions. However, there are also some discount codes that require users to manually enter or search in various ways.

Benefits of applying discount codes when shopping on TikTok Shop

If you know how to get discount codes on TikTok Shop, you will receive many benefits such as:

Saving delivery fees

Delivery fees are an expense that everyone who shops online has to pay. Although this fee may not be much if you only make one order. However, if you make multiple orders from different suppliers, the delivery fee can be quite high. Therefore, applying discount codes will help you save a significant amount on shipping costs.

Saving purchasing costs

Applying discount codes to orders on TikTok Shop allows you to purchase items at extremely discounted prices. Therefore, take some time to find the discount codes on TikTok to save on your shopping costs.

How to get discount codes on TikTok Shop

The process of getting discount codes on TikTok Shop is familiar to shopping enthusiasts. However, if you are new to shopping on TikTok Shop or don’t know how to find discount codes, you can refer to the following steps:

Step 1: First, open the TikTok app and click on the “Profile” section at the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, click on the “My Orders” section on the profile page to access TikTok Shop.

Step 2: After that, go to the “Voucher” section and click on “Save more with voucher” to view the list of discount codes.

Step 3: Once you are in the voucher center, you will see a list of suggested discount codes. You can select a discount code for the product you want to purchase by clicking on “Get code”.

After obtaining the discount code, you can review the collected codes in the “Voucher” section at the top right corner of the page. Now, you can use these discount codes to make purchases by clicking on the “Use” button next to the collected vouchers.

Tips for hunting discount codes on TikTok Shop that few people know

To hunt for discount codes on the TikTok Shop platform, you can apply some simple tricks such as:

  • Follow artists and celebrities on TikTok to stay updated on the promotions they introduce on their profiles.
  • Follow the TikTok Shop page on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on the latest promotions and discount codes.
  • Install the TikTok app notification to receive notifications about the latest promotions and discount codes from TikTok Shop.
  • Search on forums or shopping groups on various social media platforms to find discount codes shared by members.


In this article, FPT Shop has provided detailed instructions on how to get discount codes on TikTok Shop. At the same time, some tips are given to help you easily hunt for attractive discount codes on this platform. We hope that the shared information will help you understand more about the shopping experience on the TikTok Shop social media platform. Also, don’t forget to regularly follow FPT Shop to not miss out on more interesting information about the TikTok platform.

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