How to quickly locate Android and iPhone phones

Why do you need to install phone tracking? How do you set up the location mode between 2 phones? With just 1 click on Google, you will receive countless guiding results, which makes it difficult to determine the most suitable method for your device. Let's explore with FPT Shop the best way to install phone tracking for different platforms.


With the continuous development of the Internet and global GPS systems, the demand for location tracking on mobile phones is increasing. Want to know the exact location of your family, friends, or whether it is safe or not? Or perhaps you just need tighter control over your device. In this article, FPT Shop will guide you on how to locate a phone easily and quickly!

Why do you need to install phone tracking?

Phone tracking is a feature that allows you to determine the location of a phone through GPS, WiFi, mobile networks, or Bluetooth.

During the use of a phone, unexpected incidents may occur such as theft or getting lost. That’s why applying the technologies and features of mobile devices will help mitigate these problems. Among them, the GPS feature is really useful and brings many benefits, such as:

  • Easy device checking, tracking, and monitoring.
  • Quick search in case of theft or loss.
  • Convenient tracking of distance, control, and guidance in the right direction.
  • Monitoring and timely handling of incidents when children use phones.
  • Easily check the distance between two devices.
Phone tracking is a feature that allows you to determine the location of a phone through GPS

Although phone tracking brings many advantages to users, under the Civil Law, installing tracking software on someone’s device without their consent may be considered an invasion of privacy. Therefore, in cases where this feature is needed, you should obtain the consent of the other party.

Instructions on how to locate a phone

The benefits shared above are reasons why you should equip yourself with some necessary information about phone tracking. Among them, how to track between similar or different devices is an issue that many people are interested in. Let’s refer to and apply the following methods.

Steps to set up tracking between two Android phones

For Android devices, users can set up tracking using the built-in device manager without the need for other applications.

Quick setup guide

Go to Settings > Select Security and Privacy > Choose Device Manager > Turn on Device Administrator > Log in and view the location at the link:

Detailed setup guide

Step 1: Access Settings > Select Security and Privacy.

Instructions to set up tracking between two Android phones

Step 2: Find and select Device Manager > Tap Device Administrator to enable the device administrator feature on the phone.

Turn on the Device Administrator feature

Step 3: Select Android Device Manager to allow the phone to access GPS. To view the set location on the phone, you can do it in two ways: use a web browser or the Android Device Manager app.

Select Android Device Manager to allow the phone to access GPS

Step 4: Access the following link to view the location:

Finally, log in to the Google account on the phone that needs to be tracked to complete the process.

Instructions on how to set up tracking between two iPhones

Currently, you can connect and locate the position of an iPhone user on a map wherever you are through the Find My Friends app without having to use iCloud accounts. To set up phone tracking on an iPhone, follow these steps:

Quick setup guide

Open Find My Friends > Allow location access > Select the corresponding device to share with > Select Share with Friends > Add contact and Send >
Enable location tracking to complete.

Detailed setup guide

Step 1: Open the pre-installed Find My Friends app on your iPhone.

Open the Find My Friends app

Step 2: Allow the device to access your location. Choose one of the following options:

  • Allow once: Allow only once.
  • Allow while using the app: Allow when using the app.
  • Don’t Allow: Don’t allow.
Choose the location access option

Step 3: Choose the corresponding device, as each iCloud account can be used on multiple devices.

Choose the corresponding device

Step 4: Choose Share with friends, add the contact to be shared, and enable location sharing.

Choose to enable location sharing

Step 5: Turning on location sharing completes the process.

Turn on location sharing to complete the process

Instructions on how to set up tracking between an Android and an iPhone

To set up tracking between an iPhone and Android devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc. You can follow these detailed instructions:

Quick setup guide

Download and install Google Maps > Tap Allow location access > Choose the current location > Set sharing time > Send the desired location message.

Detailed setup guide

Step 1: Download and install the Google Maps app on both devices to share the location information. You can download Google Maps on Android devices from the Google Play Store and on iOS devices from the App Store.

Download and install the Google Maps app

Step 2: Open the app, and the system will display a notification with two positioning modes for you to choose from:

  • Allow once: Allow only once.
  • Allow while using the app: Allow while using the app.
Select one of the two positioning modes

Step 3: Tap the green arrow to view the current location > Slide for more options and tap Share your location.

Share your location

Step 4: Set the time, message, and select the contact you want to share with to complete.

Set the necessary information to share

How to troubleshoot GPS tracking errors

GPS helps you share your location with someone for easy phone tracking. However, sometimes GPS may have errors in terms of tracking or determining the correct location, causing inconvenience to users. If you encounter this situation, don’t worry! The following measures can help you resolve these issues.

Restart the smartphone

Although it is a simple operation, it has a high success rate. There have been cases in which minor incidents or unknown causes were completely resolved after performing this method. Furthermore, restarting the phone also helps it to work more smoothly. Therefore, if your phone tracking is not working properly, try applying this method.

Restart your mobile device

Toggle GPS on and off

Try turning GPS off and then back on to fix the issue of not being able to track the location quickly and accurately. GPS can turn off automatically if you choose the battery-saving mode. Therefore, try turning off and then turning on GPS to resolve this issue by:

  • For Android: Swipe down to display the quick control panel > Find Location icon > If it is turned on, it will be highlighted > Turn it off and on again after a few seconds.
  • For iPhone: Go to Settings > Choose Privacy > Tap Location Services > Turn off GPS. Then, wait a few seconds and turn it back on.
Turn GPS on and off

Check internet connection

An unstable network connection can also cause GPS tracking errors. Try switching to a stronger Wi-Fi or subscribing to mobile data to use high-speed 3G/4G, ensuring a more accurate connection for tracking.

Ensure a stable connection for accurate tracking

Turn on/off airplane mode on the smartphone

When GPS tracking has errors, users can activate airplane mode and then turn it off. This is a way to fix connection issues with Wi-Fi, mobile networks, Bluetooth, and GPS issues as well.

Enable or disable airplane mode on the smartphone to troubleshoot phone tracking

Turn off power-saving mode

When phone tracking is turned on, GPS can consume a large amount of battery. That’s why phone tracking will automatically turn off when the phone is low on battery. In this situation, temporarily turn off the power-saving mode to see if it helps.

Turn off power-saving mode if you need to enable GPS

Google Maps app

GPS will not work if the app version is faulty. In this case, you need to update to the latest version by installing the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Update the Google Maps app

Some notes when setting up phone tracking between two devices

Setting up phone tracking may not be unfamiliar to users. However, in order to set up and use it effectively and accurately, you should note the following:

  • Make sure both phones are supported for location tracking.
  • Check and update the latest tracking software version.
  • Back up important data before setting up location tracking.
  • Perform location tracking in a safe environment to avoid any ill intentions.


Above are the methods of setting up phone tracking for convenient connection, location sharing, and monitoring. Now you can easily share, track, and monitor the location and route of the other person. However, be cautious of using tracking too much as it may affect the privacy of each individual!

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