Is White Chalk Sticking to Dry Bamboo a Milestone?

Dried bamboo shoots are a popular food, especially during the Lunar New Year. When you buy bamboo shoots, you may notice a white powder coating on the surface. Is it mold?


The Mystery of the Silver Dust of Dried Bamboo Shoots

Many people who buy dried bamboo shoots will find that there are some white spots on the bamboo shoots, which many people mistakenly think are moldy. But this is completely the natural silver dust color of young bamboo shoots that are manually dried in the oven or naturally sun-dried.

Bamboo shoots have a white layer called bamboo powder. When used, just soak it in water and the powder layer will immediately dissolve, revealing the natural light yellow color of the bamboo shoots. When cooked, the bamboo shoots are crispy without being mushy, retaining the rich flavor of bamboo.

However, you also need to distinguish carefully to choose delicious bamboo shoots. If the shoots are moldy, you will smell a clear moldy odor, the shoots will be damp, soft, and not firm. If you gently wipe off the white powder, you will still see the normal yellow shoots without any black spots.

Tips for Choosing Safe Dried Bamboo Shoots

You should not buy dried bamboo shoots that are too shiny or excessively colored, or have a strange odor (a sulfurous smell). Because these bamboo shoots have been treated with sulfur dioxide (SO2) to prevent mold. This substance can be harmful to health if consumed in large amounts.

A good dried bamboo shoot has a light yellow color, appears ivory in color, is lightly covered with white powder, and has a sheen. In addition, there are some other factors such as a firm texture, many segments, and intricate vein patterns.

For dried bamboo shoots, the first concern is the residual amount of sulfur in them. This sulfur compound is used to dry the shoots, giving them a shiny and smooth appearance, long shelf life, and deceiving the sensory perception of consumers. Therefore, some notes when choosing bamboo shoots are:

+ Avoid those that are excessively shiny

+ Avoid those with a strange smell or unusual color

+ Avoid shoots with spots caused by mold

+ Avoid shoots that are soft or easily broken

+ Avoid buying off-season bamboo shoots.

Delicious Dish Suggestions with Dried Bamboo Shoots

Pork Leg Stewed with Dried Bamboo Shoots

This dish, after completion, will have a beautiful golden color from the dried bamboo shoots and pork leg. When eating, you will feel the sweetness of the meat blending with the crispy texture of the pork skin, and a bit of fatty flavor. Especially when dipped in spicy fish sauce, it will surely make you addicted.

In addition, the crispy texture, along with the fragrant aroma and balanced salty-sweet taste of the dried bamboo shoots, is an indispensable part of this dish that everyone in your family will love! Because it is stewed for many hours, the broth of this dish will be delicious. You can use the broth to cook fresh noodles or have it with rice, it will be delicious!

Flat Rice Noodles with Pork Leg and Dried Bamboo Shoots

When it comes to flat rice noodles, people usually think of the famous dish “bun mang vit” (flat rice noodles with duck and dried bamboo shoots), but few people know that flat rice noodles with pork leg and dried bamboo shoots is also delicious and attractive.

After being cooked, a bowl of flat rice noodles with pork leg will have a sweet and clear broth, refreshing and seasoned with exquisite spices. The tender and sweet pork leg blends with the chewy tendons, delicious when dipped in fish sauce.

The highlight of this dish is the dried bamboo shoots, which are not too soft but still crispy, making the broth more flavorful. In addition, according to folklore, if a woman has just given birth and lacks breast milk, eating pork leg soup will improve the milk supply for breastfeeding, so if there is a new mother with low milk supply in your family, you must try this dish!

Chicken Cooked with Dried Bamboo Shoots

If one day your family is tired of rice and wants to try new dishes to change the taste, why not immediately cook chicken with dried bamboo shoots for the whole family to enjoy!

This dish is super easy to cook and the taste is easy to eat, not to mention the sweet and tender chicken that is not overly chewy, combined with crispy dried bamboo shoots, making everyone fall in love.

Especially when eaten hot, served with accompanying vegetables such as shredded water spinach, basil, and shredded banana blossoms. Pour it over rice or white noodles, it will be a delicious meal for your whole family! Oh, to make the chicken more delicious, remember to make a bowl of spicy fish sauce or make salt, pepper, and lime to dip it in!

Stir-fried Meat with Dried Bamboo Shoots

Don’t think that dried bamboo shoots can only be used in delicious soups. Go to the kitchen and make stir-fried meat with dried bamboo shoots to experience it! I guarantee that you and your whole family will love it!

After cooking, the stir-fried meat with dried bamboo shoots will have a beautiful golden color that is very eye-catching, making you want to dig in right away to feel the rich and slightly chewy taste of the pork mingling with the soft and sweet bamboo shoots. When eaten with other savory dishes, it will make your meal more diverse, special, and appetizing!

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