Lazada Seller Center: Effective Tips to Maximize Your Online Selling with Lazada’s App

Lazada Seller Center is an online selling app available on Android and iOS. Specifically designed for sellers, this app offers many outstanding features to make selling on the Lazada platform easier and more convenient.


To become a professional seller on Lazada, it is crucial to understand and use Lazada Seller Center. This system helps sellers manage and grow their business successfully on the Lazada platform. In this article, let’s explore more about Lazada Seller Center!

What is Lazada Seller Center?

Lazada Seller Center is an online selling application available on Android and iOS phones, providing a platform for users to list products and manage their selling activities on the Lazada e-commerce platform.

With Lazada Seller Center, users can easily list the products they want to sell on Lazada. This app simplifies the selling process on Lazada, making it faster, more streamlined, and easier. Users can create product catalogs, update product information, manage orders, and track revenue conveniently. In addition, sellers can optimize advertising costs, track and analyze marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, and manage related fees on this app.

Key Features of Lazada Seller Center App

The Lazada Seller Center app is widely used by many small stores and large businesses thanks to its highlighted features. Below are some important features of Lazada Seller Center:

Product and Order Management

Lazada Seller Center provides users with convenient tools to manage products and orders, enabling them to track important metrics such as prices, inventory, and remaining quantities of each product. This allows users to have an overview of their product supply status and effectively manage inventory.

On the Lazada Seller Center homepage, users can easily manage their orders through the “Order” section. Here, you can view information about processed orders, pending orders, ongoing shipping orders, and successfully delivered orders. When handling orders, sellers can do it manually or scan the shipping label. For processed orders, users can still cancel them if they don’t want to sell to those customers anymore.


Lazada Seller Center provides weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly business reports for users. Through these reports, users can grasp the status and performance of their stores. You can track revenue, profits, order quantity, conversion rates, and other business indicators.

Business analytics help users evaluate marketing and advertising campaigns. You can review metrics such as conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to adjust and optimize your marketing strategies.

Based on business reports, users can make smart business strategies and appropriate promotion policies. From increasing customer access, improving product quality to optimizing costs and enhancing customer interaction, business analytics help users maximize revenue and profits on Lazada.

Chat with Buyers

Sellers on Lazada can use the chat feature with customers to increase conversion rates. Providing quick and effective advice and answering customers’ inquiries will help your store receive high ratings from buyers and build trust.

In addition to the chat feature, you can use the Lazada SOTA app to interact with customers conveniently and quickly. SOTA Lazada is an exclusive software for Lazada used to care for and answer customers’ questions after purchase. The main function of SOTA Lazada is to automatically care for customers after the purchase process by sending vouchers and discount codes to pre-installed buyers. This helps you increase customer retention and loyalty while promoting repeat purchases.


Lazada Center frequently organizes monthly promotion programs with attractive discount codes to help shops increase sales. By participating in these programs, your shop can develop its storefront and increase revenue.

During promotional events, Lazada provides many free shipping vouchers to encourage consumers to make purchases. Additionally, Lazada Center also sends exclusive discount codes to participating shops to increase order conversion rates by targeting customers who want to buy at a discounted price.

Download Lazada Seller Center App

Here are the links to download the Lazada Seller Center app on Android and iOS phones:

By clicking on the above links and selecting “Install” or “Get,” you can download the Lazada Seller Center app to your phone through the respective app stores.

How to Use Lazada Seller Center

Lazada Seller Center has a user-friendly interface, intuitive, and easy-to-recognize categories for listing, order management, adding products, etc. To efficiently use this app, you can refer to the information below:

Create a Seller Account

To create a seller account on Lazada Seller Center, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Lazada Seller Center app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and install it on your mobile device. Open the Lazada Seller Center app and select the “Enter phone number” option. Then, you will have two options to “receive the OTP code,” either via “Zalo” or “SMS message.”

Step 2: Enter the OTP code sent to your phone number and then select your selling type, which can be “Individual” or “Enterprise.” Next, fill in the necessary information such as email address, password, and other required details.

Step 3: Press “Next” or “Confirm” to complete the registration process. Once your account is successfully created, you can start selling on Lazada Seller Center.

Note that the registration process may have variations depending on the specific version of Lazada Seller Center and Lazada’s requirements. You need to provide accurate information and complete the registration process to effectively use Lazada Seller Center.

List Products

To list products on Lazada Seller Center, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to Lazada Seller Center on your device. After successfully logging in, select the “Tools” or a similar section. In the list of tools, find and select “Add product” or a similar option. Here, you will be prompted to fill in information about the product you want to list.

Step 2: First, select the appropriate product category for your product. Lazada has many different categories and product types, so choose the category that best fits your product. Then, fill in the “product details” such as name, description, price, images, and other information. Provide accurate, attractive, and detailed information about the product to attract customers.

Step 3: If your product has a warranty policy or special promotional program, you can set up this information in the corresponding section.

Step 4: Review all the information you have entered and make sure they are accurate. Then, complete the process of listing the product onto Lazada Seller Center by selecting “Save” or “Publish,” depending on the app interface.

Effectively Manage Order Receipt and Product Packaging

To effectively manage order receipt and product packaging on Lazada Seller Center, you can follow these steps:

  • Receive orders: After receiving the notification from the app, check and confirm orders from customers. Make sure you understand the product information, delivery addresses, and any special requests from customers.
  • Create an order list and prepare products: Determine the quantity of products to prepare for each order, create an order list, and ensure you have enough products to pack and deliver.
  • Package products securely and affix shipping labels: Pack the products carefully to ensure safe transportation. Use appropriate and secure packaging materials to prevent damage, affix shipping labels correctly, and provide necessary information such as delivery addresses and shipping codes.
  • Change the status to “Ready for Delivery” on the app: After packing and preparing, go to the Lazada Seller Center app and navigate to the “Ready for Delivery” section. This allows the delivery service to come to your store to pick up the order and proceed with the delivery.
  • Hand over the order to the delivery service: When the delivery service arrives, hand over the order to them. Make sure you provide complete information about the order, delivery address, and any special requests from the customer.

Track Order Status

After handing over the order to the delivery service, you can track the delivery status in the “Check Delivery Status” section on Lazada Seller Center. There are three main status options that the system can display:

  • Orders delivered successfully: This means the delivery service has successfully delivered the order to the customer, and the customer has received the item.
  • Orders canceled: Orders can be canceled for various reasons. It could be because the customer canceled the order themselves due to no longer needing the product or Lazada canceled the order because it did not meet certain conditions.
  • Orders returned: This occurs when the customer has received the order but then decides to return it to the shop due to incorrect delivery or defective products.

Manage Costs and Sales Revenue

In the case of customers choosing Cash on Delivery (COD) as the payment method, the delivery service will collect the payment on behalf of the shop. Sellers can check the COD orders that have been successfully delivered in the “Delivered” section on Lazada Seller Center.

The sales revenue from COD orders will be transferred to your account every Friday. This allows you to easily manage and track sales revenue, check the total amount received from successfully delivered orders.

How to Withdraw Money from Lazada Seller Center

To withdraw money from Lazada Seller Center to your bank account, you need to ensure that your Lazada account has a balance of at least 50,000 VND and your bank account is linked to the app. Then, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the Lazada Seller Center homepage through the link and log in to your seller account.
  • Step 2: Select the “Lazada Account Balance” section, and the system will take you to a new page. Here, enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and click the “Withdraw” button.

Upon completing the above steps, your money withdrawal request will be processed, and the amount will be transferred to your linked bank account within the prescribed processing time.


We hope this article has provided you with useful information about Lazada Seller Center. If you have plans to do online business on the Lazada e-commerce platform, this is an important app that you should not overlook. With Lazada Seller Center, you can efficiently manage and operate your selling activities.

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Frequently asked questions

The Lazada Seller Center is an online platform that enables businesses to sell their products to consumers across Southeast Asia. It offers a range of tools and features to help sellers manage their online presence, including product listings, inventory management, order fulfillment, and analytics.

To maximize your online selling with the Lazada app, it is important to first optimize your product listings by using keywords effectively, providing detailed and accurate product descriptions, and using high-quality images. Additionally, take advantage of the app’s features such as promotions and discounts, customer reviews, and analytics to improve your sales performance. Offer competitive prices and provide excellent customer service to stand out from competitors.

Some effective tips for using the Lazada Seller Center include regularly updating your product listings with new information and images, utilizing the platform’s promotional tools to run campaigns and offer discounts, and analyzing your sales data to identify areas for improvement. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and feedback, and consider using Lazada’s logistics services for efficient order fulfillment.

To improve your product listings, focus on using relevant and popular keywords in your titles and descriptions, as this will help your products appear in more search results. Provide detailed and accurate information about your products, including specifications, features, and benefits. Use high-quality, clear images that showcase your products from multiple angles. Regularly review and update your listings to ensure they remain competitive.

The Lazada Seller Center offers a range of promotional tools to help you boost your sales. You can create voucher codes and discounts to attract customers, run flash sales and promotions to create a sense of urgency, and utilize their ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘Lazada Assured’ programs to increase customer trust and satisfaction.

The Lazada Seller Center provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows you to track key metrics such as sales revenue, website traffic, conversion rates, and customer demographics. Use this data to identify trends, evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and make informed decisions to improve your online selling performance.