Lonely and impoverished in this life due to these three facial features, came down to earth only to repay past debts

Ancient people say that the biggest fear is to be poor because poverty is visible to the outside world, making it difficult to change one's fate and hard to avoid.


According to ancient experience, the face reflects a person’s fortune and personality. If there are 3 facial features on a person’s face after they are difficult to become wealthy, they often live a difficult life:

Thin lips

Ancient people believed that thick lips indicate full emotions and rich vitality. On the other hand, people with thin lips are emotionally and morally poor. People with thin lips have poor relationships, difficulty maintaining friendships, or they are shunned by others. Due to this, they have few friends, a poor reputation, and it is difficult for them to be successful financially. Therefore, people with thin lips are often considered to be poor, unlucky, with limited career paths, and struggle in their businesses and live in communities where they are not respected. They are the ones who are sent to the mortal world by the heavens to pay off the debts they incurred in their previous lives.


Flat forehead

Flat foreheads in feng shui are considered bad signs that indicate a lack of abundance and prosperity. These individuals have a lack of fortune, and their businesses never prosper. A flat forehead indicates a lack of intelligence and a conservative mindset. These individuals often struggle to make progress, are easily satisfied with their present circumstances, and lack the desire to strive for more. People with flat foreheads are also considered conservative and outdated, and therefore, they do not receive the support and approval of many people. As a result, their careers tend to be slow, stagnant, and they struggle to make progress.

Therefore, people with flat foreheads are often considered to have difficulty achieving success in life. They are prone to failures and setbacks in relationships, leading to a life of poverty without accumulating wealth.


Sagging mouth

Sagging mouth is also a negative feature in physiognomy. It makes your face look dull, unattractive, and miserable. Imagine that we are more willing to smile and laugh with each other in daily life or work, interacting with more people, not being pessimistic all the time. Just looking at their expressions can affect your mood.

A sagging mouth also makes your smile unattractive. People with sagging mouths have difficulty achieving success and often face bad luck. They often encounter difficulties in work and love, so they are lonely, sad, and live a solitary life. People with sagging mouths are also not easy to create a good impression, so they are often avoided by their colleagues and receive little help in life. Therefore, their lives are often filled with difficulties.

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