Lucky at 3 years old, abundant happiness as you grow old

Those born in the Year of the Cat will be blessed throughout their lives, with everything going smoothly and effortlessly.


Year of the Dog

People born in the Year of the Dog have an open-minded and cheerful nature, living in moderation and often practicing vegetarianism. They enjoy life and have a relaxed way of living.

Moreover, they are generous and tolerant individuals who can calmly face and solve problems, and combined with their auspicious destiny, they will encounter many fortunate events in life.

The Dog can transform misfortune into luck and receive more blessings thanks to their open and kind-hearted nature.

People of the Dog zodiac never succumb to difficulties and enjoy challenging themselves, so they often choose professions that involve perseverance and receive protection from their ancestors.


Year of the Rat

Accumulating virtue by doing good deeds and creating a positive career throughout your life, you will accumulate many blessings for yourself. Correspondingly, you will also have more blessings, and good luck will always be with you. You will live a prosperous and healthy life.

People born in the Year of the Rat enjoy going to temples or helping people in more difficult circumstances, even though their own economic conditions may not be prosperous.

However, this zodiac believes that by accumulating merits and doing good deeds, they will be blessed. If they don’t benefit, their descendants will. Therefore, they are a zodiac sign that often encounters luck in life, making friends easily wherever they go, and receiving constant help from others.

Year of the Rabbit

People born in the Year of the Rabbit will enjoy blessings throughout their lives, and everything will go smoothly.

They are straightforward zodiac signs, living a very practical life and willing to do anything to make money. They prefer using actions to speak rather than making empty promises, and they are often praised and highly regarded by those around them.

Rabbits do not like taking advantage of others and have an open mind. They can make friends all over the world in a friendly manner and are good listeners, often receiving good opportunities from friends to develop their careers smoothly.

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