Make Delicious Homemade Lemon Tea on the Internet

The Quảng Đông Lemon Tea is currently trending online with its incredibly simple recipe. Join us to uncover the secret behind this refreshing drink!


15 minutes
Cooking time
5 minutes
for 2 people

Hand squeezed Quảng Đông lemon tea is loved by many young people for its impressive delicious, refreshing flavor. You don’t need to go far, you can completely make hand-squeezed lemon tea right at home with a very simple recipe. Make it with us!

1Ingredients for making hand-squeezed lemon tea

  • 1/2 Quảng Đông lemon
  • 80ml lemonade
  • 15ml

Ingredients for making hand-squeezed lemon teaIngredients for making hand-squeezed lemon tea

Tip: With this recipe, use Quảng Đông lemons for a more fragrant and non-bitter drink!
Quảng Đông lemons have a rough textured skin, oval shape, and thick peel. Lemons have a special aroma, a little hint of lemon, pomelo, and lemongrass.

2How to make hand-squeezed lemon tea

Step 1 Prepare the lemon

After buying the lemon, wash the lemon thoroughly with salt and water. Then, cut the lemon into thin slices. Put the lemon slices in a mortar with some ice water, crush the lemon vigorously until it is crushed.

Ingredients for making hand-squeezed lemon teaIngredients for making hand-squeezed lemon tea

Step 2 Make lemonade

Add 80ml Lipton tea, 15ml honey, and stir well. You can adjust the amount of tea or honey depending on your taste. Pour the lemonade into a shaker, add ice and shake well.

Make lemonadeMake lemonade

Step 3 Finished product

Pour the hand-squeezed lemon tea into a glass, add ice water. Decorate with lemon slices or mint leaves for beauty. Let’s enjoy.

Finished productFinished product


Hand-squeezed lemon tea has a very special flavor. Quảng Đông lemons are not bitter, adding the scent of lemon mixed with a little lemongrass is very fragrant. The tea is slightly bitter, sweet and fragrant with honey. On a hot day, nothing beats refreshing with a glass of this cold hand-squeezed lemon tea.

Hand-squeezed lemon teaHand-squeezed lemon tea

Watch TikTok clip on how to make hand-squeezed lemon tea!

Above is the simple recipe for making hand-squeezed lemon tea at home that we want to share with you. Don’t hesitate to save the recipe and show off your skills! Good luck!

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