No escaping the scorching sun: A jinxed career, turbulent fortunes, financial losses in October of the lunar calendar at the age of 4

From the 10th lunar month onwards, these are the 4 zodiac signs that will encounter a lot of misfortune. Due to their bad luck, everything these zodiac signs do will result in failure and losses in various aspects.


Tý Zodiac Sign

From the beginning of 2023 until now, the fortune of people born in the Year of the Rat has not been very outstanding compared to 2024 due to the overlap of Thai Tue and the second year of Tam Tai phase.

From October in the Lunar calendar, this zodiac sign may encounter numerous difficulties, especially in their career. Although they are intelligent and quick-witted, unexpected issues hinder the development of individuals born in the Year of the Rat. To stabilize the situation, they can only rely on their diligence to “improve” their bad luck. They should spend time accumulating knowledge to prepare themselves for upcoming breakthroughs.


Furthermore, people born in the Year of the Rat may also face interference and conflicts in their relationships. Therefore, they should be cautious in their speech and communication with others. The financial fortune of people born in the Year of the Rat in October Lunar month is also not stable. Sluggish work will seriously affect their financial situation, so they need to be careful when investing. Before investing, they need to carefully consider and seek advice from experienced individuals in this field.

Due to the influence of the Tam Tai phase, the health of people born in the Year of the Rat also deteriorates. They should consider their decisions carefully and limit traveling extensively this month.

Mao Zodiac Sign

As soon as 2023 begins, those born in the Year of the Rabbit are predicted to face the difficulty of the “year of age” and a complicated situation of Thai Tue phase. However, this zodiac sign did not expect that this unlucky phase would persist until October in the Lunar calendar. Unfortunate events will unexpectedly occur for individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit. From October in the Lunar calendar, many challenges may come to their lives, as difficulties pile up. Not only is their work hindered, but they also have to deal with fights and conflicts in the workplace. This is when individuals should prepare themselves with a strong mindset and explore their hidden strengths to overcome challenges.


Regarding finances, individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit will suffer losses due to the influence of Thai Tue phase. Although they can still make money, their lives may incur unexpected significant expenses, so they need to learn how to balance income and expenses and save for unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps due to facing many ups and downs, this zodiac sign may experience negative emotions in October in the Lunar calendar. This will affect their health, so they need to find ways to balance their emotions and relieve stress promptly to avoid falling into depression and tension.

Although their career, daily life, and relationships face numerous challenges in October in the Lunar calendar, there are also opportunities for individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit to develop themselves. They should remember that they need to be cautious in every decision and calculate carefully. They should not rush and cause harm to themselves.

Thìn Zodiac Sign

From October in the Lunar calendar, individuals born in the Year of the Monkey are predicted to encounter many difficulties and obstacles in their work due to the Tam Tai phase. Difficulties and challenges are inevitable for this zodiac sign, and the only way is to try to “overcome” them.

In the workplace, individuals born in the Year of the Monkey should pay attention to their relationships with colleagues. Although they are friendly, sociable, and helpful, they still need to be cautious to avoid falling into traps set by malicious individuals. Additionally, work for individuals born in the Year of the Monkey faces many difficulties as previous tasks remain unfinished while new tasks are challenging to accomplish. The advice for this zodiac sign in this month is to work diligently, carefully, and not set overly high goals. They should also be willing to learn to enhance their knowledge and avoid reaching too high to avoid “painful falls”.


The financial fortune of individuals born in the Year of the Monkey in October in the Lunar calendar progresses slowly and is not showing remarkable breakthroughs. Investment activities are also not prospering. Instead of wasteful spending, those born in the Year of the Monkey need to learn to save and spend wisely to avoid issues later in the year. Regarding health, this zodiac sign is susceptible to illness and chronic diseases due to the influence of the Hại Thái Tuế phase. They should pay more attention to their health and allocate time for mental relaxation.

The information in this article is for reference and personal insight.

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