Palm Reading Trick Reveals Wealth and Poverty Better Than Facial Recognition

By the thumb, you can also partially guess someone's personality and destiny.


The large rounded thumb

A round thumb is a sign of fulfillment. Therefore, people with a large rounded thumb are predicted to have a fulfilling life. They are intelligent and have good logical thinking. Moreover, they have a strong will to succeed in their career. As they grow older, they will have wealth and fame.

However, the weaknesses of these individuals are that they can be hot-tempered and selfish. If they can overcome these two weaknesses, they will have a more comfortable state of mind and avoid regretting impulsive decisions.

The short and wide thumb

If the thumb is short and wide, the person is enthusiastic and wholehearted in love. On the other hand, those with a thin and slightly curved thumb tend to be bold, brave, and stubborn. Sometimes, they can be too sensitive and make others sad. Their lives are just average and not abundant.

The distance between the thumb and other fingers

People with a thumb close to the other four fingers tend to be meticulous, paying attention to detail, and quite difficult and selfish. However, they have the ability to hold onto their money, so they usually don’t worry much about material life.

The farther the thumb is from the other fingers, the more determined and hardworking the person is. They can handle work pressure well and easily achieve success in their career, accumulating wealth from a young age.

The long thumb

People with a long thumb are good at controlling their emotions. They always remain calm in the face of any problem and try to find a solution. If the thumb is long and pointed at the tip, the person has an impulsive personality and likes to express themselves. Moreover, they are quite unpredictable and have an average level of happiness in life.

A flower on the thumb

If there is a flower on the thumb, you are someone who values freedom and doesn’t want others to interfere in your personal life. However, you are very friendly and sometimes enjoy parties and extravagance.

If the flower is on the left thumb, you have leadership abilities. Conversely, if the flower is on the right thumb, you may have many pursuers in love, but love may not bring you much happiness.

A horizontal line on the second joint of the thumb

The horizontal line on the second joint of the thumb represents the wealth of the person. Therefore, the more horizontal lines on the second joint of the thumb, the more prosperous the person will be.

Furthermore, if the line is closer to the base of the thumb, it indicates that you not only have wealth but also have a higher social position.

If the horizontal line forms a shape of the Buddha’s eye, you are a strong person who inspires others.

Especially, if there is a horizontal line in the shape of the Buddha’s eye on the left thumb, you have extremely sharp intuition, a good memory, and excellent communication skills. Your life is also filled with luck and peace.

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