Pet hair sticking to clothes after washing? Try these 4 methods for instant cleanliness.

Discover the ultimate hacks to remove stubborn pet hair from your clothes and bedding. Say goodbye to those annoying fur balls with these tried and tested tips.


One common problem that many dog and cat owners often face is pet hair sticking to their clothes. Here are some small tips to help you clean it up.

Use tape

Take advantage of the stickiness of tape to effectively remove pet hair from your clothes.

Place the sticky side of the tape on the surface of the fabric with pet hair. Then use your hand to press the tape firmly onto the fabric, and then pull it off. This will cause the pet hair to come off the clothes and stick to the tape instead.

Use a dish sponge

If you have a clean dish sponge at home, you can use it to remove pet hair from your clothes.

Dip the dish sponge in water and wring it dry. Rub the dish sponge multiple times on the surface of the clothes with pet hair. In just a few minutes, all the pet hair will gather on the sponge.

Use a damp cloth

Another simple way to remove pet hair from your clothes is to use a damp cloth. You can either use a wet cloth or wet a dry cloth and rub it on the surface of the clothes. The pet hair will stick to the damp cloth, making your clothes cleaner. Hang the clothes in a dry and airy place to let them dry.

Use a handheld vacuum cleaner

With its strong suction power and flexible brush head, a handheld vacuum cleaner will be a powerful tool to quickly remove all the pet hair from your clothes.

Select the small brush head, press the power button, and move the vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair.

Use specialized rubber gloves

In addition to lint rollers and pet hair removers, there are also specialized rubber gloves available on the market that make it more convenient for you to remove pet hair from your clothes and belongings. Simply put on the gloves and rub them on the surface of the clothes to create friction and attract the pet hair into the gloves. After the clothes are clean, you can remove all the pet hair from the gloves and throw it in the trash. These gloves are also very effective in removing pet hair from carpets, beds, and chairs.

Use a lint roller

There are various types of lint rollers and pet hair removers available on the market that are very convenient to use. They consist of a sticky roll that can be attached to a handle and function as a roller. Simply peel off the adhesive sheet on the sticky roll, then roll the tool evenly on the surface of the clothes. When the adhesive is no longer sticky, peel it off.

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