“Plant these 5 fruit-bearing plants in front of your yard and secure wealth for three generations – A saying from ancient times”

You have the option to choose from the following 5 plants. They not only provide beautiful scenery and edible fruits but also have great Feng Shui significance.


The ancients said, “Planting these five ornamental trees in front of the yard, the descendants will be wealthy for a hundred generations,” is a long-standing life experience. These beautiful and delicious ornamental trees, which also have positive implications, are increasingly favored for cultivation in the home garden.

Looking at these beautiful and delicious trees, suddenly there will be flowers blooming in the heart, from which the family will be happier. Isn’t that right?

1. Pomegranate Tree

The pomegranate tree will bloom with many red flowers, looking very radiant, warm, giving people a very prosperous feeling.

The ripe pomegranates hanging on the branches like small red lanterns, creating a very festive and lively feeling.

“Plant pomegranates in the East, and plant roses in the West” has long been a famous saying passed down from generation to generation. The implication of this saying is that if you plant pomegranate trees in the East and roses in the West, your family will have a lot of gold and silver, and be wealthy. That is why pomegranate trees are favored by many people.

The pomegranate fruit also symbolizes the good meaning of having many children and grandchildren. In the past, when rural people got married, they could see pomegranate patterns on window frames and pillows.

According to feng shui, planting pomegranate trees in front of the house symbolizes a wish for the family to become richer, more prosperous, happy, and safe.

2. Rose Tree

Because when the roses ripen, they are hung like small red lanterns, adding a festive atmosphere to the house.

In addition, the rose fruit also carries the beautiful meaning of “peace and prosperity”. That’s why it is one of the five types of trees that people often plant in front of their houses.

In terms of feng shui, planting a rose tree at home symbolizes abundant harvest and brings joy and happiness.

This feng shui tree with orange-pink fruits symbolizes good luck and good fortune. The crispy and juicy rose fruits bring fortune, peace, and happiness to the whole family.

3. Chinese Apple Tree

Many people in rural areas plant Chinese apple trees because Chinese apples can be eaten fresh or dried for making delicious desserts and porridge.

When Chinese apple trees bloom, the honey collected by bees becomes nutritious Chinese apple honey. In addition, the Chinese apple tree also carries good feng shui meaning.

In the past, if a family wanted to be wealthy for many generations, they needed to have a family heir and plant Chinese apple trees in front of their house.

Chinese apple trees are also associated with the meaning of “early birth of a son”. At the same time, Chinese apples also symbolize goodness, business prosperity, and good luck.

4. Grape Tree

Grape trees planted in the yard not only provide shade but also have a high decorative value, because when the grapes ripen, the branches are covered in red, very vibrant.

Grapes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and are very nutritious fruits. In addition, grapes are vines, so they have a beautiful meaning.

Grapes also symbolize having many children and grandchildren. Therefore, planting grapes in front of the house has the meaning of abundant wealth, with children and grandchildren filling the house.

5. Apple Tree

When the apple tree blooms, it looks like flowers covering the street, very beautiful and romantic. When the apples ripen, the whole tree is covered by red lanterns, making the house more festive and peaceful.

The apple tree also carries the beautiful meaning of “peace and prosperity,” which is favored by wealthy families to plant in their yards.

Information is for reference and contemplation purposes only.

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