Relieve pain effectively by applying cabbage leaf before bed

Using cabbage leaves as a natural remedy has been proven to be effective in reducing pain and improving overall health. Not only utilized as a food ingredient, applying cabbage leaves on specific body parts before bedtime can provide significant pain relief. Let's delve into the benefits of this incredible method and explore how it can improve your well-being.


is familiar type in many Vietnamese family meals, used to be processed into many dishes. Not only used to process food, cabbage leaves, if applied to certain positions on the body, also provide some benefits to effectively relieve pain. Let’s explore these uses of cabbage leaves through the following article!

1Some uses of cabbage leaves

According to ThS.BS Hoang Khanh Toan (Former Head of Department of Traditional Medicine, 108 Military Central Hospital), in Traditional Medicine, cabbage leaves have a sweet taste, cold properties, and are useful in treating low cough, blood circulation, heat dissipation, cooling the stomach, detoxification, and diuresis. In modern medicine, cabbage leaves are rich in , and substances with the ability to fight cancer.

Moreover, cabbage leaves also contain substances with anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects, so they can be used to reduce pain in breastfeeding, chest pain, breastfeeding,…

Thanks to these benefits, cabbage leaves are extremely useful for many women who often suffer from foot pain due to high-heeled shoes, headaches during seasonal changes, chest pain while breastfeeding,…

Some uses of cabbage leavesSome uses of cabbage leaves

2How to apply cabbage leaves on the body to reduce pain

Cabbage leaves need to be heated before applying, this will help the affected area dilate the vessels, improve blood circulation, release pain-causing substances at the inflammation site. In addition, thanks to the heat effect, the substances in cabbage leaves will penetrate the skin, affect the inflammation site, and help reduce pain effectively.


  • 3-4 cabbage leaves
  • Cloth gauze or thick fabric


Step 1 Select cabbage leaves that match the area where you want to apply, then wash them and let them drain.

Step 2 Clean the body area before applying cabbage leaves.

Step 3 Roll the leaf veins flat and then heat them on the stove.

Step 4 Use 3-4 cabbage leaves to apply to the painful area, then use gauze or thick fabric to cover and tie it up.

Note: Experts recommend that those who perform this treatment should apply it in the evening before going to bed and leave it overnight, as this is the time when the body rests, limits movement, and helps to recover quickly.

In addition, you can squeeze cabbage leaves for drinking water, and apply the residue on the inflamed area to help reduce pain effectively.

How to apply cabbage leaves on the body to reduce painHow to apply cabbage leaves on the body to reduce pain

3Notes when using cabbage leaves

When applying this method, you should note the following:

  • When heating cabbage leaves, do not heat them too hot before applying on the skin, as they can easily cause burns.
  • If you squeeze cabbage leaf water, choose types with few preservatives and pesticides. The best way is to soak in saltwater for 1 hour.
  • People with weak and cold organs, easily having diarrhea due to coldness should eat cabbage leaves with to avoid digestive disorders.

Notes when using cabbage leavesNotes when using cabbage leaves

Above are information about the method of applying cabbage leaves to inflamed and painful areas to effectively reduce pain. Hope this article helps you know one more way to reduce pain naturally and safely!

Source: Vietnamese Women’s Newspaper