Reveal the secret to successfully tagging others in your Facebook profile that only a few people know about

Add a twist to your Facebook profile by tagging your loved ones, friends, and family in the About section. This simple trick will make your personal page more interesting and unique. Get started now and see the difference it makes!


Have you ever seen someone on Facebook who can tag other users in their profile but you don’t know how? Well, the following article will guide you on how to perform this operation, which is extremely simple. Check it out.

How to tag someone on Facebook profile

First, you need to check if your phone has been updated to the latest version. If not, please update it to the latest version.

Step 1: You proceed to get the Facebook link of that person by accessing their personal page > Click on the icon 3 horizontal dots next to the message section > Click Copy link.

Step 2: Next, you gather the account ID of that person by accessing the following link: Get Facebook User ID > Paste the link of the account you just copied > Click Lookup. At this time, the ID number will be displayed below.

Step 3: Access your personal page > Click on Edit Profile > Scroll down to the About section, click Add next to About if you haven’t set About yet or click Edit if you have set About before.

Step 4: You enter the syntax into the About section as follows [User ID:999:about content]. For example, if the User ID you just got is 123456789, you will enter [123456789:999:about content] > Click Save to finish.

To check if you have successfully added it, you can do the following: Go to Personal page > Click on the icon 3 horizontal dots > Select View Profile as to view your own personal page.

Adding other accounts to the Facebook About section is a very useful and interesting trick that you should refer to and try. Wish you success. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and FPT Shop will support you.