Sales are declining, and money is being wasted: Check now to see if your worship photo violates these 3 things

If the indoor photos are plagued by the following feng shui errors, it is advisable to make adjustments immediately before it is too late.


Do Not Disobey the Rule: Men on the Left, Women on the Right

According to feng shui experts, ancestral altar photos should be arranged with men on the left and women on the right. This means that the photo of the paternal grandmother should be placed to the right of the photo of the paternal grandfather, and vice versa.

This implies that the wife will always be the right-hand person of her husband, helping him raise their children.

In addition, some folk beliefs suggest that placing the photo of the wife on the right will help the man assert his central position as the pillar of the family. This will bring harmony and comfort to the household.

Keeping the Portraits of Two People in One Photo

In feng shui, even if the paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather were close in life, the homeowner should not use a combined photo for the ancestral altar. Each person should have their own individual portrait to show respect and solemnity. Besides, to ensure a smooth and prosperous life, the homeowner should follow the proper arrangement principles for the photos.

Furthermore, arranging the photos of two people on the same side will create an imbalance on the ancestral altar. This is considered a bad omen in feng shui, leading to unfortunate events for the homeowner.

Leaning Portraits on the Ancestral Altar

According to folklore, the ancestral altar photos help the deceased establish their position on the family altar. If the homeowner leans the photos, the deceased will not be able to find their position and cannot protect the family. Leaning portraits also reflect the lack of respect from the descendants in the act of worship. Therefore, you should avoid placing tilted photos on the ancestral altar as they will affect the homeowner’s life. If you notice that the ancestral altar photos violate this rule, you should correct it immediately to prevent potential problems and misfortunes.

Placing Photos in the Center of the Ancestral Altar

One common mistake when arranging ancestral altar photos is placing them in the center, which is the sacred area for deities and ancestors and should not be disturbed. However, some families place photos of their recently deceased relatives in the center of the altar. This is considered disrespectful to the deities and ancestors and will not bring good luck to the family.

The information provided is for reference and experiential purposes.

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