Signs of prosperity and wealth in the new year: What to look for during the 3-day Tet holiday when observing the incense bowl.

The altar is considered the most sacred spot in the house, especially during the Lunar New Year when the altar exhibits these signs, the family is blessed with abundant prosperity.


< p> In the spiritual culture of the Vietnamese people, ancestor worship is a noble virtue, showing gratitude to ancestors. Incense bowl in feng shui is considered as a gathering place for energy. Therefore, according to feng shui, the signs on the incense bowl are very important, looking at the incense bowl can see the fortune of the family. Especially during the Lunar New Year, the incense bowl has the following signs indicating good fortune for the family:

Incense bowl with long-lasting fragrance and no ash

According to the belief of our ancestors, when the incense bowl has incense sticks that do not drop ash but curl into a circle, it indicates spirituality and good luck. However, if all the incense sticks are curled into ash, it means that you have bought incense sticks made of chemicals, so they will not be spiritual. Chemicals can also disturb the energy field in the family.

If the incense bowl burns a lot of natural incense sticks without curling but suddenly one sticks curls into ash, it indicates spirituality. It is a sign that foretells ancestral protection, good fortune for descendants in business and a happy and prosperous life.

Therefore, observe the incense bowl in the beginning of the new year to see if there are any natural incense sticks curling ash. However, avoid buying advertised incense sticks that are advertised to curl evenly, as it is a serious offense that brings confusion and hypocrisy to the place of worship.

Butterflies landing on the incense bowl

In popular belief, butterflies are the souls of the deceased. Therefore, when a butterfly flies into the house, it indicates a sign. If the butterfly flies around and lands on the incense bowl, it means that the souls of the ancestors have turned into butterflies to visit their grandchildren. During the Lunar New Year, the descendants invite their ancestors to gather and celebrate Tet, so if the butterfly lands on the incense bowl during this time, it indicates that the prayers of the homeowner have been heard and witnessed.

If they are ordinary butterflies, not ghosts, or strange and eerie butterflies, it is considered lucky. Therefore, you should avoid hitting or chasing away the butterfly when it lands on the altar or incense bowl. At that time, light incense to pray for the ancestors’ protection and thank the ancestors.

Clean incense bowl

If the incense bowl is clean and not cracked, it indicates that the homeowner is careful in worshipping. When observing the ancestral altar of a family, if the incense bowl and the area around it are clean, it indicates that the family is dedicated to worship and shows that there will be good fortune.

The ancestral altar is a spiritual place, so if the worship area is not clean, it indicates that the worship is not spiritual because it is not complete. A dirty and messy ancestral altar will disrupt the energy field and cause chaos in the worship room, leading to punishment for the descendants.

In addition to the lucky signs mentioned above, you should also pay attention to the following signs on the incense bowl and be cautious, replace them, or invite experts to resolve them: burning incense bowl, displaced incense bowl, broken incense bowl, cracked incense bowl.

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