Smart parents never brag about these 4 things their children can do

Boasting too much about your children can have a negative impact on their overall development. Avoid bragging about these 4 things about your child to become a wise parent.


Smart parents not only understand the potential risks of boasting about their child’s personal information, but also know how to respect and protect their privacy. Let’s find out about 4 things that smart parents never boast about their children.

1 Parents don’t boast about their child’s talents

When there’s a gathering or a party, many parents want their child to showcase their talents in front of others, such as singing, reciting poetry, dancing, or other skills. However, this should not become a pressure on the child. Parents need to understand that artistic performance should start from the child’s desire and willingness, instead of forcing them to do it.

Parents can encourage and create opportunities for their child to develop their talents voluntarily. Listen and care about what the child wants to do, explore their interests and strengths, and then guide and support them. At the same time, parents should also teach the child to respect and appreciate art, helping the child understand that performing is not just about showing off, but also a way to express love and passion for art.

Parents don't boast about their child's talentsParents don’t boast about their child’s talents

2 Parents don’t boast about their child’s achievements

Not boasting about their child’s achievements is important in educating children. Instead, create an environment that encourages comprehensive development and respects the child’s learning process. Parents can find ways to talk and share with others about their child’s experiences and learning journey in a normal and non-exaggerated way.

At the same time, if the child achieves a notable accomplishment, respect their dedication and effort. Be happy and encourage the child, but don’t see the child’s achievement as your own success to show off. Instead, encourage the child to continue to develop and aim for new goals.

Parents don't boast about their child's achievementsParents don’t boast about their child’s achievements

3 Parents don’t boast about their child’s understanding

Each child is a unique individual, with their own characteristics and thinking. For example, when a teacher asks students to draw an apple, a student draws a big sky-blue apple. Instead of criticizing, the teacher compliments: “Your drawing is beautiful!”

Parents may be surprised and ask the teacher: “Why didn’t you correct the mistake, as the child used the wrong color for the apple?”.

The teacher says: “Why should I correct it? Maybe in the future, the child will actually create a sky-blue apple, and no one can be sure that this is impossible, right?”.

Creativity and difference in a child’s thinking should be encouraged, especially in the field of imagination and creativity. Children should be allowed to express themselves freely and be accepted for their individuality and unique identity.

As parents, we need to create a sense of acceptance and appreciation for our children. We can show unconditional love and care for our children, giving them the freedom within limits and also the right to break those limits.

Parents don't boast about their child's understandingParents don’t boast about their child’s understanding

4 Parents don’t boast about their child’s private matters

Not sharing private information about their children is a way to protect their privacy. Many parents think that sharing photos and personal information about their child is a way to document their growing up process, but few realize that this action can have invisible harm to their children.

The first harm is the risk of revealing the child’s name, appearance, health information, and family information, which can endanger the child. When the child’s personal information is exposed, the risk to the child also increases.

The second harm is that not respecting the child can make them feel insecure and embarrassed. A social media user shares their story: “When I was little, every time I visited relatives, my parents liked to tell stories about me in a negative way, making me feel embarrassed and just wanting to hide somewhere. Have they ever thought about my feelings?”

A child’s psychology begins to develop independent consciousness at the age of 2, and then gradually forms a sense of embarrassment. Therefore, not posting and not sharing photos of the child is a way to protect their privacy.

The future of children, their success, and their developmental path are their own scenarios. As parents, what we need to do is respect, accept, support, care for, and protect our children. That is enough to show the love and care we have for them, without the need to boast or share their private information.

Parents don't boast about their child's private mattersParents don’t boast about their child’s private matters

This was the detailed information about how smart parents will never boast about 4 things that influence the comprehensive development of their children. I hope this article provides useful information for you!

Source: Vietnamese Women’s Newspaper

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