Spices in the Kitchen That Keep Mice Away, Keeping Your Home Clean and Fresh

Mice not only disturb and dirty homes but also damage food and can bring disease into the house.


Mouse is a type of animal that emits a bad odor when they enter the house. Moreover, mice damage food and carry germs. So, many people are afraid of mice entering their homes but are also afraid of trapping or killing mice. So, apply the following methods to chase them away.

Use garlic to chase away mice

Garlic has a strong smell that mice are afraid of. You should identify the mice’s path into the house and place crushed garlic at those locations. When mice smell garlic, they will turn away. You should do this before going to bed or before leaving as mice often run into the house when you sleep or when there are no homeowners.

Garlic makes mice scared

Use chili powder to scare mice

Chili powder is spicy and black, so mice will be scared and run away. You should choose small, smooth, and spicy chili powder to make it easier for mice to be scared. Place chili powder at the mice’s pathways or areas where they often pass through. When they run through the chili powder, it will shock them and make them scared and run away.

Chase away mice with cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder has a pleasant scent that helps eliminate mouse odor and also scares mice. Cinnamon powder retains its scent for a long time, so it is quite effective. Place cinnamon powder in places where mice often pass through and add some in dark areas with a lot of food in the house.

Chase mice away with peppermint leaves or eucalyptus oil

The pleasant smell of peppermint leaves and eucalyptus oil also makes mice run away. Drop eucalyptus oil directly where mice often pass through or put eucalyptus oil on a piece of paper to soak and retain the scent longer, then place it where mice often come or go to.

Chase mice away with pepper powder

Pepper has a special property that makes insects scared. Grind pepper seeds and place them where mice often pass through. But the scent of pepper quickly dissipates, so you need to replace it regularly, once every few days. Choose spicy and fragrant pepper seeds to chase away mice.

Many ingredients in the kitchen help chase away mice

Use vinegar to chase away mice

The sour smell of vinegar also scares mice. So, you can use a cotton ball soaked in vinegar and place it where mice often pass through, which will make them scared and run away. You can also use a bowl of vinegar and place it in the areas where mice often go back and forth.

Chase mice away with durian

The smell of durian also scares mice, so place the peels and seeds of durian that have just been eaten where mice often pass through. You can also use durian cakes to scare mice away.

Use coffee powder to chase away mice

You dissolve laundry powder and water in a bowl, then add a spoonful of coffee powder and mix well. Place this mixture in areas where mice often bite things. Shortly after, you will see immediate results.

Frequently asked questions

Mice are attracted to sources of food and shelter. They can enter homes through small gaps and crevices and may be drawn to food left out, garbage, or pet food.

Natural repellents are a humane way to deter mice without causing them harm. They are also safe for use around children and pets, and they can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional pest control methods.

Garlic has a strong odor that mice find repulsive. Placing crushed garlic or garlic powder along their paths or entry points will deter them from entering your home.

Choose a small, smooth, and spicy chili powder. The spiciness and dark color will help scare the mice away.

Cinnamon powder has a pleasant scent that masks the odor of mice. It also has a long-lasting fragrance, making it an effective repellent. Place it along their pathways and in dark areas where they may nest.

Yes, peppermint oil can be used as an alternative to peppermint leaves. A few drops of oil can be placed on a cotton ball and left in areas where mice are active.

The scent of pepper fades quickly, so it’s best to replace it regularly, approximately every 2-3 days, to maintain its effectiveness.

Yes, vinegar, durian, and coffee powder are also effective repellents. Soak cotton balls in vinegar and place them near entry points, or use durian peels and seeds, or coffee powder mixed with laundry powder, to deter mice from chewing and biting.
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