Start the New Year by Finding a Dropped Coin – What Does it Signify? Remember to do this to bring luck and attract wealth

Finding lost money can be either a fortunate or unfortunate incident depending on the situation. It is important to handle it appropriately in order to avoid any mishaps.


Finding dropped money is not uncommon. Especially at the beginning of the year, many people find loose change, 10,000, 20,000 VND, and even lucky red envelopes with money. Money is an important source of energy in our lives. When we have money, it means our fortune is rising and the energy around us is high. When we lose money, it means our energy is decreasing.

So is finding money lucky?

People who find money are considered lucky, while those who lose money are losing energy. Therefore, when finding money, whether it is lucky or unlucky depends largely on how you handle the money you find.

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year or Tet, children often receive lucky money, so they become excited and may drop the red envelope or lose money. At the beginning of the year, everyone usually carries cash in their wallets for convenience when going out, communicating, and spending. During this time, many people go out to celebrate, visit pagodas, and go on vacations, so the likelihood of losing money increases compared to normal days.

At the beginning of the year, many people participate in spiritual ceremonies, including the act of throwing loose change.

Finding dropped money at the beginning of the new year can be a sign of good luck, especially if you find new bills or bills still in the lucky red envelope. However, if you find money that was intentionally thrown away to get rid of bad luck, then it is not a sign of good luck. Moreover, if the amount of money is too large and you don’t handle it properly, it can cause trouble, even legal issues and damage to your fortune.

Here’s what you should do when you find dropped money to create more luck and good fortune:

Money is not just a personal asset, but also related to the country. So whether it is loose change or larger bills, you should pick them up. Many people avoid picking up loose change because they believe it brings bad luck, but you can turn bad luck into good luck by picking it up and putting it in a charity box or helping someone in need. Letting money be wasted and useless is a form of wasting wealth.

If you find a large amount of money, it is best not to be greedy. Try to return it or hand it over to the authorities to find the rightful owner. When someone loses a large amount of money, it has a serious impact on their lives. If you act greedily, you are harming others. If you try to return it to them or hand it over to the authorities to find the owner, your good fortune will be multiplied, surpassing the value of the money you found. Giving away fortune will surely bring it back at another time, in another place. Greed can bring disaster very close.

If you find a few coins on the road or near a bank or ATM, you can clean them and keep them to attract good fortune.

If you find dropped money at a temple or religious site, you should not keep it for yourself. That money may be a sign that you are about to become rich, but it could also be money that others offered to the divine. Therefore, it is best to put that money into the charity box to accumulate more goodwill.

This information is for reference and contemplation purposes only.

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