Surprising Benefits of Adding 2 Plastic Bottles to Your Washing Machine with Clothes

This is one of the tips to keep your clothes clean that you should remember.


The Benefits of Adding Plastic Bottles to the Washing Machine with Clothes

In our daily lives, we use a lot of products that come in plastic bottles, such as mineral water and soft drinks… The empty plastic bottles, if thrown away, would be a waste. You can utilize them for many other things in the household, saving costs and protecting the environment.

When doing laundry, you can use plastic bottles to help clean your clothes more effectively, preventing them from twisting and wrinkling.

Clothes washed in the machine tend to wrinkle and become rough, and not everyone has time to iron them flat. Even the process of ironing clothes takes a lot of time. To prevent clothes from wrinkling and save ironing time, you can use 2 empty plastic bottles.

After putting your clothes in the washing drum, you just need to add 2 empty plastic bottles. Remember to tightly screw their caps.

When the washing machine is running, the plastic bottles will rotate along with the clothes. This way, the clothes will not get tangled or buttoned together. You will easily take out the clothes for drying. With the clothes not tangled together, the wrinkling is reduced.

Furthermore, when adding plastic bottles, the water flow above will change while the water flow below remains unchanged. This increases the stirring force of the water flow, and the clothes will be agitated back and forth with the water flow, enhancing the cleaning effectiveness.

Other Tips to Prevent Clothes from Becoming Rough in the Washing Machine

– Use a laundry bag

You can put your clothes in a laundry bag. This way, you can limit the friction between clothes and prevent them from twisting or tangling tightly with each other. When clothes are not twisted, they will have fewer wrinkles.

In addition, clothes with delicate fabrics or with details like zippers and hooks should be placed in a laundry bag before being put in the machine to ensure their durability.

– Choose the appropriate mode for the fabric

Not all types of clothes should be washed using the same mode. Depending on the fabric material and the dirt level, you need to choose different washing modes. For example, for woolen garments, you should only select a moderate spin speed. For easily wrinkled fabrics like silk and linen, a low spin speed also helps to make the clothes more durable and less likely to tear.

– Hang the clothes immediately after washing

Many people have a habit of leaving the clothes in the washing machine for a long time before drying them. However, this will cause the clothes to wrinkle more. Moreover, the damp environment also promotes the growth of bacteria and mold, resulting in unpleasant odors in the clothes.

Therefore, after finishing washing, you should immediately hang the clothes to dry. When hanging, give them a good shake to make the clothes smooth.

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