Sweet and Refreshing Creamsicle Ice Pops for a Cool Summer Treat

Indulge in the delectable delight of creamy, luscious avocado popsicles, a perfect confection for sweltering summer days. Join us in the culinary adventure as we whip up these refreshing treats that will tantalize your taste buds and beat the heat.


10 minutes
10 minutes
3 – 4 people

Creamy ice pops are always a great treat for a cool down on a hot summer day. Today, we’re going to show you how to make creamy and sweet avocado ice pops yourself at home. Let’s get started!

1Avocado Ice Pop Ingredients

  • 460g

  • 200g
  • 950ml
  • 150g coconut yogurt (or )

Avocado Ice Pop Ingredients

2How to Make Avocado Ice Pops

Step 1 Blend the Avocado

Grab about 460g of avocado and toss it in a blender. Add in 200g of condensed milk, 800ml of fresh milk. Blend until smooth. Then, pour this avocado mixture into 3/4 of ice pop molds, gently tap the molds on the counter to release any air bubbles for a smoother ice pop. Transfer the molds to the freezer to let the ice pops partially freeze.

Blend the Avocado

Step 2 Blend the Coconut Yogurt

In a blender, add in 150g of coconut yogurt and 150ml of fresh milk, blend until smooth. Once the avocado ice pops are almost frozen, take them out and insert wooden sticks in the center of the molds. Pour in the coconut yogurt mixture into the molds to fill them up. Return the ice pop molds to the freezer until they are completely frozen.

Pour in the coconut yogurt mixture

Step 3 Enjoy

And you have successfully made your avocado ice pops. To enjoy, simply remove the ice pops from their molds by gently pulling out the sticks. The ice pops have 2 layers of green avocado and white, just looking at it makes you feel cool already.



The avocado ice pops are chilled, instantly cooling you down. The ice pops are creamy, there’s no bits of ice at all. The avocado flavor is fatty and sweet, the coconut layer is fat and fragrant. The ice pops have just the right amount of sweetness so you won’t get tired of eating them. Enjoy!


Source: Jenny Phuong Cooking

Here are our tips on how to make simple and delicious avocado ice pops. We hope that with this article, you can add another great ice pop recipe to your collection.

Frequently asked questions

For avocado ice pops, you’ll need 460g of avocado, 200g of condensed milk, 950ml of fresh milk (800ml for the avocado layer and 150ml for the coconut layer), and 150g of coconut yogurt.

The process involves three main steps. First, blend and freeze the avocado layer. Second, blend and add the coconut yogurt layer. Finally, enjoy your creamy, delicious avocado ice pops! They’re perfect for a hot summer day.

Avocado ice pops have a creamy texture with no ice bits. The avocado layer has a fatty and sweet flavor, while the coconut layer adds a fragrant touch. The sweetness is balanced, so you won’t get tired of eating them.
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